When CM Punk walked out of the WWE two months ago, the wrestling world was left talking about how it would affect the WWE.

Many members of the WWE Universe, myself included, blamed the WWE entirely for Punk's walk out. This resulted in the fans 'hijacking' Raw for weeks with constant chants of 'CM Punk' on top of others.

This could and probably should have been disastrous for the WWE. However, give credit where credit is due, they used the 'hijacking' to their advantage. They realized the only way to get people back on their side was to give us a show we could be proud to watch.

It's amazing to think all the WWE needed to up their game was for one of their top stars to walk out. In 2011, CM Punk said he couldn't change anything from his couch. It turns out that's exactly where he needed to be to change the ways of the WWE.

Now, it could just be the WWE are improving their shows on the road to WrestleMania. Hopefully, they continue the progress they are making beyond WrestleMania. If that happens, the WWE are on their way to raising their ratings.

The WWE aren't the only ones to have come out on top of this scenario. In the few situations CM Punk has been in the media, he seems the happiest and healthiest he has been in years.

There is no doubt in my mind Punk will be back in the WWE one day but for now, both sides are in the best shape they have been in for years.