WWE Trainer and former TNA talent Sean "X-Pac" Waltman took to Twitter to add his voice among those who see the release of Jesse Sorensen as mistreatment.

Last evening, Waltman posted this tweet to his account:

"Classy move by @TNADixie on the release of Jesse Sorensen."

Waltman fielded a share of criticism from his followers for this tweet.  Waltman went back to his account today to add clarification to what he had said.  He wrote:

"Guy almost ends up in a wheelchair for life working for you.  You tell them don't worry, you have a job for life, don't worry about anything.  Don't be surprised when decent people think it's a really s***ty move to pull." (edited for clarity and to remove expletive)

You can keep up with Sean on Twitter at @TheRealXPac.

Never would have dreamed the release of Sorensen would have generated this much news.  Then again, he did go through a very scary injury situation, and if the promise of a "job for life" was indeed made by Dixie Carter, then this is a crap move.  Sorensen should have been a "last resort" cut.

Source: ProWrestling.net