CWF Mid Atlantic was in action as they held their Battle Bowl in Gibsonville, NC. Below is a look thanks to at how all the action went down:

CWF Mid Atlantic Battle Bowl
June 7, 2014
Gibsonville, NC

1.) The All-Stars’ ROY WILKINS w/ Coach Gemini def. JASON MILLER w/ Nick Richards in a match where both participants were drawn at random by the fans.

2.) Team Gemini (AARON BIGGS, COURT MONTGOMERY, JORDAN FLYGHT and CHRIS LEA w/ Coach Gemini) def. Team Boogie (ROB “BOOGIE WOOGIE MAN” McBRIDE, “THE LOST CAUSE” NICK RICHARDS, RGL Champion CHARLIE WESTON and MATT HOUSTON) in an 8 Man Tag-Team “Wildcard” Match where both teams were drawn completely at random by the fans.

3.) Television Champion “EL JEFE” MANNY GARCIA def. MICHAEL “THE FURY” McALLISTER of the “DANGEROUS E-LLIANCE” by pinfall to retain the championship after McAllister’s name was drawn at random by the fans.

4.) “THE 1ST” RIC CONVERSE & 1/2 of the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions ARIC ANDREWS def. CHASE DAKOTA & MECHA MERCENARY of the “DANGEROUS E-LLIANCE” in a match where the partners for Converse and Dakota were drawn at random by the fans.

5.) Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion ARIK ROYAL & “THE ASSASSIN” RAY KANDRACK w/ Coach Gemini def. DONNIE DOLLARS & “DANGEROUS E” COREY EDSEL in an Incredible Pairs Match where the teams were drawn at random. Prior to the bout all four officially signed the contract for their “Everything to Lose” Match at Absolute Justice on June 21 where Royal risks the Mid-Atlantic Championship, Edsel risks no more Mid-Atlantic Title shots for one year, Dollars risks leaving CWF altogether for one year and Kandrack risks the Coach’s whistle!

“THE ARMY OF ONE” MARCELLUS KING explained how he turned down the opportunity to participate in the Golden Lottery because he can trust and rely on no one but himself. King announced that he had entered the 2014 Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup Tournament with the matches in his bracket taking place on June 21 at Absolute Justice.

6.) ROY WILKINS of the All Stars won the 10 Man Battlebowl Battle Royal, last eliminating BOTH Mid-Atlantic Champion ARIK ROYAL AND his All Stars teammate RAY KANDRACK. The victory earns Wilkins a “Golden Ticket” which he can use to schedule and sanction any match with any rules and any opponents of his choosing for up to six months from the date of winning it.

7.) LANCE LUDE def. PWI Ultra J Champion TREVOR LEE in the first ever “No Limits” Match to capture the championship after an unbelievable 35-minute war. ANDREW EVERETT, currently out of action indefinitely with a torn ACL, presented Lude with the championship as the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium crowd roared in approval.