John Corrigan of interviewed Daniel Bryan during Philadelphia Comic-Con weekend.  It's a very interesting interview with a few surprising quotes from Bryan.

Bryan says that he's still the same person he was before the signing.. "My life has changed in the sense that people know who I am."

Bryan also talks about working with Takeshi Morishima and Nigel McGuiness in Ring of Honor. “Despite him detaching my retina and giving me two concussions, I really liked working with (Takeshi) Morishima in ROH,” Bryan said. “But my favorite ROH rivalry was with Nigel McGuinness. Nigel was signed at the same time as me, but he had some shoulder and elbow stuff that didn’t clear WWE’s medical testing and now he’s out of the business altogether. It’s a loss because he’s great on interviews, in the ring, and really just a fun guy to be around."

Bryan also said he had his doubts about working for WWE. “I literally came to the WWE expecting them to not do anything with me or something stupid like Max Moon Two (a wrestling astronaut),” Bryan said. “If you’re an independent wrestler and you’ve been doing it for years, you don’t necessarily expect good things to happen because of what you’ve seen in the past. I swore that I would work as hard as possible and do the best I could with what they gave me."