Thursday night, after returning to their home in Phoenix, AZ, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella found two burgulars had broken into their home and were in the process of stealing items.  They dropped the items they were attempting to steal, and attempted to flee.  Bryan pursued and was able to catch up with one of the alleged burglars, subduing him in a submission hold for over five minutes until the police arrived.  

Bryan had to chase the suspect, identified as Cesar Siosa, approximately 400 meters before taking him down and reportedly locking him into a rear naked choke.  Siosa currently has a felony warrant for his arrest on suspected kidnapping charges as well.

Bryan spoke in a press conference, available at (and below) and stated that Siosa wasn't in the best of shape and it was pretty easy to catch up to him.  Siosa kept apologizing to him until the cops arrived.  Bryan stated that one of the items they were attempting to steal was a bracelet his recently deceased father gave him at his wedding.

Unrelated to the robbery, Bryan did mention he will likely need another surgery, and only has about half of the strength in his right arm compared to his left arm.

We will have more developments of the story as they become available.