Earlier today, Darren Young (real name Fred Rosser) became the most important Superstar WWE has on their active roster.  More important than John Cena, or Daniel Bryan, or Randy Orton.  More important than Triple H or Stephanie McMahon.  Maybe even more important than Vince himself.

Darren Young, in a very unsuspecting interview, admitted to TMZ that he was gay.

This is a good spot for the video.  Let's watch.

Darren Young is the only WWE wrestler, while under contract and actively on the roster, to come out as gay.

To say this is major is an understatement.  Darren Young has just put himself in an amazing position to be a positive role model for hundreds of thousands of fans, and maybe even some people who weren't fans.

Wrestling has always had a terrible stigma of being homosexual in nature, but to fans it never mattered.  And it shouldn't matter.  These men and women are professionals who work hard to maintain a physique and horrible travel schedule.  They put their bodies on the line night after night to entertain and tell amazing stories.  Fans of wrestling know it doesn't make one bit of difference what the sexual nature of their star is.

But, in the eyes of gay and lesbian fans, this makes a huge difference.  They finally have a role model, someone they can look up to, someone they can say made it, despite the stigma, hate, and horrible negativity.

Darren Young is a class act, and is clearly well liked and respected backstage as well.  Almost immediately, Titus O'Neil, John Cena, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and others took to social media to pledge their support.  Even WWE.com has a front page article - not just a "news" item, but top billing article - pledging they are behind Young 100%.

They should be.  

And now, Darren Young's role on WWE takes a completely different turn.  Now, Darren Young has an opportunity to be one of the finest ambassadors WWE has.  Their "Be a Star" campaign has new meaning for him and all the lives they reach.  It's not just anti-bullying any more.  It's anti-hate.

Congratulations, Darren Young, for being proud and confident, and becoming everything this generation needs to grow above discrimination.