Nope!The Undertaker went 20-0 this year at Wrestlemania, soundly defeating Triple H.  It was nearly a reversal of roles compared to last year, when Taker couldn't leave the ring on his own accord.  This year, he was able to walk away on his own will.After the match, Shawn Michaels helped Undertaker to his feet and hugged him, and raised his hand in victory.After The Undertaker's fireworks went off, Taker and Michaels both helped Triple H to his feet and helped him out of the ring.All three also shared a hug at the top of the ramp.Drew's Take: Solid match, though it didn't exceed their match from last year.  Shawn Michaels' role seemed almost unnecessary, in my opinion, as he spent most of the match selling his confusion whether or not to call the match even.Definitely strange seeing The Undertaker show any sort of emotion with the hugs, however.