Wrestlemania 28 isn’t the only wrestling action that is going down. Last night the talented folks at Dragon Gate USA gave the fans an exciting night of action. Here are the results from there Dragon Gate USA Mercury Rising Ippv.1st MatchBOBBY FISH vs. JON DAVISWinner: Bobby FishFish got on the mic after and put over Davis on the mic. Davis limped to the back. Fish made reference to Low Ki’s promo about EVOLVE having a title. Fish said he agreed with Ki that a title is needed in EVOLVE. Fish said if EVOLVE was going to have a title, he wanted to be in the mix of contenders.PAC came down to the ring for an interview. They’ve got new entrance graphics designed for this show, which is a nice touch. PAC thanked Low Ki for their match last night. PAC said he wanted to have the opportunity to do it again before the weekend is done. PAC said CIMA still isn’t 100%. PAC asked DGUSA to put him in CIMA’s spot in the six man tag. The crowd chanted “Yes, yes, yes.” Chuck Taylor came out and a chant of “No, no, no” broke out. PAC said he didn’t even want to be in the same ring as Taylor and walked to the back.Taylor got on the mic and told the fans to shut up. The fans chanted for Taylor to shut the f--- up. Taylor said if PAC is in the mic, there would be no PAC invitational. Taylor said he would have his own match and would have it whenever he wants.2cnd MatchARIK CANNON (w/Pinkie Sanchez) vs. A.R. FOXWinner: A.R. Fox via DQ.Cannon, Sanchez, and Callihan beat down Fox. Callihan spit his dip in Fox’s face. Callihan got on the mic and said he loves dip. He called out Sabu and called him a waste of life.3rd MatchSAMI CALLIHAN (w/D.U.F.) vs. SABU – Street Fight RulesWinner: SabuAfter the match, Sabu stood in the ring with Fox. The fans applauded for Sabu after the match. Callihan flipped out after the match. Several people ran down. Callihan went after one of the people that came out. Leonard said it was Johnny Vandal. Callihan put Vandal through a table in the corner. He then applied the stretch muffler on Vandal on the outside. Callihan tore Vandal’s shirt off and blasted him with a chair to the legs.Several people came out from the back to clean up the ring. Gabe Sapolsky came into the booth and thanked Cabana for coming in on commentary. They both plugged Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast. Gabe put over the podcast Cabana did with PAC.Lince Dorado and Samurai Del Sol came out. Taylor ran into the ring and put the boots to both men and said the Chuck Taylor Invitational Tournament begins now. CIMA and Rich Swann hit the ring and Taylor bailed. Taylor told CIMA that he hates. He said he hates Swann and Luchadors as well. El Generico’s music played and he ran down the aisle and tossed Taylor into the ring. Taylor bailed and the crowd went nuts with Generico standing in the ring.4th Match LINCE DORADO vs. SAMURAI DEL SOL vs. RICH SWANN vs. CIMA vs. EL GENERICO vs. CHUCK TAYLOR –Chuck Taylor InvitationalWinner: El Generico to win the Chuck Taylor Invitational.The crowd chanted along to Generico’s music after the match. Taylor walked to the back looking disgusted. The rest of the wrestlers celebrated in the ring to conclude the segment.Leonard was in the ring and he said this is a special weekend for wrestling fans. Leonard said next year the weekend is moving to the northeast. Leonard then introduced CIMA to make a special announcement about the shows for WM weekend next year. CZW’s D.J. Hyde also came out with CIMA and drew some boos. CIMA thanked the fans for coming tonight and then he thanked the fans for watching iPPV. CIMA said his family was watching on iPPV in Japan. CIMA waved to his wife and daughter. CIMA said this was an important weekend. He asked if the crowd understood him and they chanted “Yes, yes, yes.” CIMA said next year was also important. CIMA asked Hyde to explain things to the fans. Hyde thanked CIMA for welcoming CZW. The fans booed Hyde. Hyde said DGUSA and CZW are two of the greatest wrestling promotions going. The fans didn’t pop for that one. Hyde announced that DGUSA and CZW were going to do a super weekend. Hyde announced that CHIKARA would also be involved. The crowd went crazy for the CHIKARA announcement. Leonard announced that shows would be held at the Meadowlands Convention Center with DGUSA/EVOLVE, CZW, and CHIKARA running shows that weekend.Los Ben Dejos came out first. The Scene then came out with Shelley Martinez and Amber O’Neal. Konley made out with O’Neal as they came down to the ring. Martinez grinded on Reed as well. They then did their five way orgy spot with O’Neal simulating triple sex with Dallas, Reed, and Konley. Martinez then got in the middle of the pile. Reed and Konley took out condoms and tossed them into the crowd.5th Match LOD BEN DEJOS (Ben Dejo & Cruz vs. THE SCENE (Caleb Konley & Scott Reed w/Larry Dallas)Winners: The SceneAfter the match, O’Neal and Martinez grinded around on Dallas, Reed, and Konley. They then danced on each other before exiting the ring.Leonard was in the ring to do the formal introductions for the Open the Freedom Gate title match with Gargano defending against Yoshino. Yoshino came out first. Then Gargano came out to a big pop.6th MatchOpen the Freedom Gate Champion JOHNNY GARAGANO vs. MASATO YOSHINOWinner: Johnny Gargano to retain the Open the Freedom Gate titleThe crowd chanted for both men after the match. Gargano offered Yoshino a handshake and he eventually accepted. Both men hugged. Yoshino clapped and the crowd chanted about the match being awesome.Taylor ran into the ring and attacked Gargano from behind. He nailed Gargano with a superkick and tossed him to the outside. Taylor ran Gargano back-first into the ringpost several times. He then slammed Gargano back-first into the guardrail and the fans booed. A couple of refs came out and then Swann finally chased Taylor away.It’s main event time with the Six Man Tag match. Low Ki came out first followed by Tozawa and Hulk. PAC, Ricochet, and Mochizuki then came out together.7th Match LOW KI & AKIRA TOZAQA & BXB HULK (w/Christina Von Eerie) vs. MAZAAKI MOCHIZUKI & PAC & RICOCHETWinners: Low Ki & BxB Hulk & Akira Tozawa   Ki got on the mic after the match. The crowd chanted for Ki. Ki said he was lost for words. Ki told PAC he was ready to face him whenever he was ready. The crowd wanted the match right now. Ki turned his attention to Ricochet and put him over as a rising star. Ki told Ricochet they could fight anytime he wanted to sign on the dotted line. Ki said the sport of professional wrestling still exists. The crowd chanted “Dragon Gate, Dragon Gate.” Ki said DGUSA was the ultimate proving ground. Ki said his mission to make everyone to understand it’s not the size of the fighter, but the size of the fight he brings. Ki said he pours his heart and soul into this ring and left the ring. The crowd chanted for Ki as he walked down the aisle. Leonard then signed off to end the show.For a much more detailed report please check out PROTorch.com.