Dreamwave Wrestling had a show in LaSalle, IL that featured a ton of top Indy star talent. Below are the results of the show thanks to pwponderings.com:


Dreamwave Wrestling Immortality
June 7, 2014
LaSalle, IL

Pre-show match: Ruff Crossing defeated a young man whose name I did not catch via Tombstone.

Pre-show match: Matt Knicks & Chris Castro were beaten by Dan the Man (with Nate Knox) & Tyler Priegel after Tyler hit a back breaker on Matt and DTM hit the frog splash.

Afterwards, a masked man entered the ring and laid out Tyler and DTM.

Main Show

Opening match: Alex Castle & Markus Crane (Helter Skelter) defend the tag team titles against Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae (World’s Cutest Couple). While the referee’s back was turned, Arik Cannon and Darin Corbin ran in and Cannon hit Castle with one of the tag belts. Candice, not seeing any of this, rolled up Castle for the three count. Your NEW DREAMWAVE Tag Team Champions: Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae!

Corbin attempts to further beat on Alex but Candice and Joey break it up. AC/DC head to the back while the two teams shake hands and Crane presents the tag titles to Candice and Joey. Tremendously fun and fast paced opener

Match two: Nic Brubaker vs Mallaki Matthews. Squash match that saw Brubaker get the win after hitting the Overdriver on Matthews.

Out comes “The Money” Matt Cage with Chris Castro. Cage states he is the best wrestler in DREAMWAVE. He issues an open challenge to anyone in the locker room that thinks he can beat The Money. Out comes…the Whole Shebang, Johnny Gargano!

After one hell of a bout, Castro provides a timely distraction that allows Cage to hit a second rope Codebreaker for three. Matt Cage has beaten Johnny Gargano!

Match four: Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin (Team AC/DC) vs Chuck Taylor & Trent? (Team Best Friends). Hilarious match that saw Corbin hit a low blow on Taylor, and Cannon pin him for the win.

Summer Spectacular is on July 12 and will see the debuts of Nick and Matt Jackson THE YOUNG BUCKS and CHRIS SABIN!

Match five: Shane Hollister and Frank Wyatt vs Marshe Rockett. Wyatt hit Hollister with a forearm, Rockett drop kicked Frank out of the ring and got the pin on Shane. However while walking to the back, Angelus Layne came out and low blowed Marshe. Layne, Wyatt and Hollister left together.

Match six: Triple threat match – Danny Cannon vs AR Fox vs Rich Swann. These three plus the referee did a conga line around the ring to “All Night Long.” Before they can get started however, Lince Dorado came out and said due to his knee injury he was unable to compete last month. But he wants to put his Alternative Title up so this has become a Fatal Fourway for the Alternative Championship!

The end came when all four men failed to get back into the ring to answer the ten count. Lince Dorado retains the title but the crowd is furious. A rematch is made for tomorrow’s show, this time with no count outs, no time limits.

Match seven: Vic Capri vs Sheik Arya Daivari but Daivari jumps Vic before they get in the ring. The two are brawling around the Hall before they enter the ring and the bell rings. Vic is brutalizing Daivari, and when the ref tries to pull him off Vic shoves the ref down. The match is won by Daivari via disqualification. Vic goes to dive onto Daivari on the outside but his former tag team partner catches him with a chair. He gets in the ring and levels Capri with another chair shot before leaving.

Match eight: Eddie Cruz & Jay Rios (Team Lucha) vs CJ Esparza & Brett Gakiya (Zero Gravity). Zero Gravity win via Flippy Cup.

Main event: “Bucknasty” Bucky Collins challenges DREAMWAVE Champion Christian Rose – who comes out with Bucky’s wife, Nikki. These two threw everything they had at each other but Rose finally hit the Ride the Lightning to retain his DREAMWAVE Championship and undefeated streak.

DREAMWAVE returns to La Salle, IL on July 12th for “Summer Spectacular.”