Last night EVOLVE 29 went down in Elmhurst, NY. Around 200 people were in attendance and from all reports the show was a pretty good one. Below are the results from last nights action:

May 9th, 2014
Elmhurst, NY
Estimated Attendance: 200

Blake Edward Belakus def JT Dunn with a burning hammer face plant

Non title match: Open The United Gate Champions The Bravado Brothers with Moose def #AllEgo & #WalkingWeapon

The Premiere Athlete Brand came out and invited Uhaa Nation to join them.

Rich Swann def Caleb Konley with 2nd rope phoenix splash
- Swann post match implies that PAB stands for something else

Biff Busick def Johnny Gargano via submission with a choke sleeper into a choke crossface

Fire Ant & Green Ant (The Colony) def Jigsaw & Tim Donst via the CHIKARA special

Drew Gulak def Chuck Taylor via submission

Uhaa Nation and AR Fox def Trent Barreta and Tony Nese with the Military press swanton Uhaa combo
- Pre match it was discussed that if Uhaa lost he would join the PAB