As I promised on the cast here are the results from last nights EVOLVE 30 iPPV. I did happen to catch the show and it was top notch. Since I am not good at doing live coverage I just decided to be selfish and just watch it. However; for those that missed below are the results from last nights show:

May 10th, 2014
Brooklyn, NY

Caleb Konley def AR Fox after countering the 450 with knees to the gut and a small package

Blake Edward Belakus def Ryan Rush with burning hammer face plant finisher

Josh Alexander def Tim Donst with a tombstone pile driver

Three way Freestyle
Chuck Taylor vs. Jigsaw vs. ‪Ethan Page
Jigsaw pinned Chuck Taylor after a double stomp while Page was stuck in the ropes in a tree of woe

Bravado Brothers def The Colony (Fire Ant & Green Ant)

Moose def Mr. A with a spear
- post match the PAB kicked Mr. A out

Tony Nese def Rich Swann with the 450

Uhaa Nation def Trent Baretta w/ Su Yung with the Uhaa combo

6 man Ladder & Chairs Match
Swann, Fox & Nation def Nese, Baretta & Konley when Rich Swann pinned Tony Nese to win the match