In a recent article I stressed that I would be mainly focusing on the Indy side of pro wrestling. Seeing that I a man of my word, I now introduce to you my other weekly read “Eyeing the Minors”. The purpose of this is to give you the fans some results of the many Indy Shows that take place over the week.


While I will be unable to give them to you all (After all there many Indy feds all over the world). I will choose random federations that showcase some of the most talented wrestlers out and about. If I do not get to your favorite federation I do apologize. If you would like me to add a certain federation to this report email me, and I will do my best to find the results for you going forward.


House of Glory


Brooklyn, New York


1. Smiley def. Roderick Strong


2. Homicide & Ricky Reyes def. Adrenaline Express


3. Andy Lee Ray def. Earl Cooter & Matt Striker


4. Panda Man won a battle royal.



5. Brian XL def. Kevin Steen



6. Adam Cole def. Anthony Gangone



7. Tony Nese def. Marq Quen


8. Michael Elgin def. Amazing Red

* Crimson made the save afterwards when Cole, Elgin, Nana & Strong attacked Red & XL.


Wrestling is Heart La Copa Idolo
Lafayette, IN
Facebook page:


1. La Copa Idolo – Heidi Lovelace defeated Tripp Cassidy.

2. La Copa Idolo – Mr. Touchdown defeated Green Ant.

3. Sue Jackson destroyed Aaron Anders

4. La Copa Idolo – Joe Pittman defeated Buck Boulder

5. La copa Idolo – “The Catch Wrestling Hero” Mat Russo defeated Christian Rose

6. The Day Walkers won the 4-way tag team match that involved Billy Roc and Dale Patricks, AC/DC, and the team of Chris Castle and Devin Bliss.

7. Chuck Taylor defeated The Estonian Thunderfrog.

8. La Copa Idolo – Joe Pittman defeated Heidi Lovelace

9. In the main event, La Copa Idolo – Mat Russo defeated Mr. Touchdown.




Arena Cuatro Caminos de Nuevo Laredo


1. Guerrero Espacial & El Vigia beat Fuego Negro & Mini Rio Bravo


2. Scramble Match won by Slayer Pack - Other participants: Pequeno Cobra/Hell Boy/Factor Miedo/Billy Tronik/Optimus/Rex Estampida/Kalibus


3. La Hiedra & JC Maclean defeated La Magnifica & Zuzu Divine


4. Triangular de Tercias: Lanceloth & Rocky Lobo beat Lucky Boy & Rey Celestial and Los Gemelos Muerte I y II



5.Los Poderosos (Hombre sin Miedo/Kendor Jr./Sobredosis) defeated Miedo Extremo/Nino Hamburguesa/Chica Yeye


6. Black Fire/Hormiga/Septimo Dragon beat Kaientai/Lord Byron/Xtreme Dragon


7. 5 Way Dance: Hacker & Laredo Kid defeated Angel del Misterio & Artikus/Drastick Boy & Flamita/Jinzo & Kaleth/Steve Pain & Pentagon Jr.


8. 4 Way Dance: Crazy Boy & Joe Lider beat Aero Boy & Ultimo Gladiador/Angel o Demonio & Ovett/Ciclope & Paranoico



EMLL 8/19/23 Arena Puebla


1. Asturiano/Camaleon/Millenium beat Artillero/Blue Center/Super Comando but Asturiano left with an broken arm that is putting him out of action for 6 months.


2. Leono/Starman/Stigma defeated Cancerbero/Espiritu Maligno/Raziel


3. Los Invasores (Kraneo/Morphosis/Psicosis) beat Hijo del Fantasma/Stuka Jr./Titan


4. Atlantis/Rush/Thunder defeated Damian el Terrible/Mr. Niebla/Niebla Roja


5. CMLL Lt. Heavyweight Title: Rey Escorpion beat Ultimo Guerrero to retain his title.



EMLL 8/20/13 Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara


1. Esfinge & Metatron beat Demonio Maya & Evola


2. Magnus/Sky Kid/Soberano defeated Disturbio/Herodes Jr./Sadico


3. Amapola/Princesa Blanca/Princesa Sugei beat Lluvia/Luna Magica/Marcela with Amapola going over Marcela and challenging her to a shot at her CMLL Femenil Title afterwards.


4. Angel de Oro/Blue Panther/Titan defeated Ephesto/Mephisto/Polvora by DQ when Polvora fouled Oro.


5. Los Estetas del Aire (Mascara Dorada/Mistico II/Valiente) beat Los Guerreros Laguneros (Euforia/Gran Guerrero/Ultimo Guerrero)



EMLL 8/20/13 Arena Mexico


1. Bengala & Sensei beat Akuma & Ramstein


2. Dalis la Caribena/Estrellita/Goya Kong defeated La Comandante/La Seductora/Tiffany


3. Delta/Hijo del Fantasma/Triton beat Shigeo Okumura/Sangre Azteca/Bobby Zavala


4. Lightning Match: Tiger defeated Diamante


5. Brazo de Plata/La Sombra/Thunder beat Negro Casas/Rey Escorpion/Volador Jr. when Sombra ripped off Volador's mask and pinned him. Both men wanted to face each other immediately afterwards but the commission denied them.


6. Dragon Rojo defeaed Niebla Roja


August 23, 2013



1. All Star Squad (Nikki Roxx & Solo Darling) beat the West Coast Connection (Tracy Taylor & Su Yung) when Roxx pinned Yung following a Barbie Crusher.

2. Leva Bates beat Christina Von Eerie via DQ (Von Eerie used a chair outside the ring).

3. Kimberly beat Kimber Lee via submission (Cloverleaf hold).

4. Three Way #1 Contendership: Jessicka Havok beat Mia Yim & Ivelisse Velez by pinning Velez after an Air Raid Crash. She goes on to challenge Rain in the main event.

5. Leva Bates beat Christina Von Eerie via DQ (Von Eerie laid out the referee)

6. Santana Garrett vs Brandi Wine started but soon became a tag match…

7. Santana Garrett & Amber O’Neal beat Brandi Wine & Malia Hosaka when Santana pinned Wine after a Shining Star Press.

8. Amazing Kong pinned Mercedes Martinez following an Implant Buster.

9. Angelina Love pinned Shanna following the Botox Injection.

10. SHINE Championship: Rain (c) pinned Jessicka Havok after Havok’s knee buckled and April Hunter assisted with some extra leverage on the pinfall.

AAW Reign of Violence
August 23, 2013
Berwyn, IL

Credit: our very own Jerome Cusson via our twitter @PWPonderings


1. Zero Gravity def Monster Mafia only to get beaten down by MM after the match.

2. Knight Wagner and Tony Rican will pick each other’s opponents tonight. First up, Tony Rican takes on Keith Walker.

3. Keith Walker def Tony Rican with a lariat.

4. Michael Elgin def Knight Wagner with the spinning powerbomb

Elgin says Hollister pissed him off and says he will be champion once again.

5. AAW Tag Team Championship: Louis Lyndon and Marion Fontaine def Dan Lawrence and Marcus Crane to retain

6. Shane Hollister and Scarlett are out now. Hollister is unhappy with Marcus Crane for not being a tag team champion
Hollister talks about being Junthai Miller.

7. AAW Title: Shane Hollister def Junthai Miller to retain via Shug’s Last Gift & two super kicks

8. AAW Heritage Championship: ACH def Kyle O’Reilly to retain after the spirit bomb.

On September 27, Colt Cabana returns and EDDIE EDWARDS debuts!

Eddie Kingston is on commentary with Dave Prazak.

9. Ryan Boz & Heidi Lovelace def Jordan McEntyre and Heather Patera via Boz Driver

Alex Colon vs. the returning Mat Fitchett has been interrupted by Michael Elgin. The match is turned into a three way.


10. Michael Elgin wins the three way by pinning Colon with the Elgin bomb.

11. Arik Cannon and Jimmy Jacobs def Irish Airborne when Cannon def Jake Crist in a brawl that went around the Eagle’s Club.


Jacobs says he and Cannon can go their separate ways

12. Eddie Kingston def Silas Young after he kicks Young low and hits a Backfist to the Future.
- Alex Colon is out and distracting Silas Young
- Val Malone prevents Kingston from using a chair. Young hits the Killer Combo
- Colon grabs Val. Silas works him over
- Silas said its not over and vows revenge

Wrestling Is Fun! iPPV “Cruel Summer”
August 24, 2013
Easton, PA
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Credit: Dave Muscarella
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1. Banana Title” Amasis def Oleg The Usurper with a 450 splash
“This is for Dragon Dragon!”

2. Shenron def Juan Francisco De Coronado via submission.
It was all due to Herbert and a miscommunication over a water bottle.

3. Dasher Hatfield def Mr. Touchdown via roll up
They left together after Dasher asked TD to stop cheating

4. Heidi Lovelace def Portia Perez

5. Devastation Corp. def The Spectral Envoy with the Death blow

6. The Baltic Seige def The Batiri after a frog splash by Estonian Thunder Frog

7. 3.0 def Los Ice Creams

8. Jaka def Frightmare when he uses the envelope on Frightmare for the pin
The envelope was being held by Sidney Bakabella

9. Azerbaijan & The Proletariat Boar def Green Ant & assailANT when Azerbaijan pins assailANT with his foot on the ropes