In a week that has already seen Petey Williams hang up his tights, another wrestler took to Twitter to announce his retirement form the ring. Shannon Moore - former WCW Hardcore Champion, WWE Cruiserweight superstar, and current tattoo aficionado - expressed the following on his Twitter account @TheShannonBrand:

"For u guys asking I'm pretty much done in the ring. Just times have changed and I don't want to be that guy trying to" (11:25 AM - 7 Jul 2014).

"Thanks to all that have supported me over the last 20 plus years. Much love to fans. Keep supporting the guys" (11:34 AM - 7 July 2014).

"Thanks to MCWs Bill B and Burt P, WCWs Eric B, WWEs Vince M and TNAs Dixie C and Vince R, and and Vince R [sic], and Jason H!!" (11:42 AM - 7 July 2014).