Raj Giri at wrestlinginc.com recently sat down to chat with Terri Runnels. Known to old school WWE viewers by both her real name and as “Marlena” – on-screen valet to her former real life husband Dustin Runnels (aka Goldust) –Runnels commented about several issues. Below are some of the highlights.

On her initial reactions to the Goldust character:
   "I scratched my head because he's [Dustin Runnels] this big, tobacco chewing Texan who is now going to be what! I know there's an artistic side to Dustin and I was proud of how he sunk his teeth into the character and ran with it. Not a lot of the guys have the cojones to do that and I was impressed.”

On WWE’s Attitude Era:
 “It was awesome in so many ways. So many envelopes were pushed and I've been emphatic on how in the Attitude Era the WWE used incredible double entendres to get our adult message across, but still circumnavigate the brains of our children. When we went past that with HLA [Hot Lesbian Action] or necrophilia with Kane, I didn't know how to explain that to my daughter. The visual of HLA was so overwhelming that I thought we went overboard. Back then it was 'Terri, you're wrestling in a thong in a paddle on the pole match.' [It was] Crazy stuff. I would love to see some of the girls today wrestle in the outfits I had to wear. I would have loved to wrestle as covered up as they are today.”

On spending time with Owen Hart the night before his death:
 “Harley Race is from around there [Kansas City, MO] and he takes great pride in his chili, and for good reason, he makes a killer pot of chili. He had made this huge batch of chili and we would go to his house and hang out with he [sic] and his wife. That night, Mick Foley went and Owen went. Owen, being the practical joker, went to put hot sauce in Harley's chili. Owen said he intended to put a few drops in, but the lid came off and everything went in—since it was Owen, we can guess the whole thing was intended to go in. The next day, Harley was chasing him with this thing that was like a hand to body taser. He finally got him and Owen pleaded that it was a mistake. It was funny.”