WWE isn’t often brought up in People magazine. But in a recent edition, an exception was made. Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. (She’s All That, I Know What You Did Last Summer) mentioned how his time on the hit drama show 24 turned him off of acting. When he got a job with the WWE – where he’s presently a producer and director – things changed a bit:
    “I went and worked for Vince McMahon at the WWE, for Christ’s sake … but, at least he was cool and tall. I didn’t have to take my shoes off to do scenes with him, which they made me do [at 24].”
    The aforementioned comment is in regards to the height difference between Prinze and Keifer Sutherland, star of 24.
    Prinze Jr. – along with being an actor and current employee of WWE – is also known for being the husband of actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, with whom he has two children. His father, Freddie Prinze Sr. (1954-1976), was a groundbreaking comedian of Puerto Rican descent.