TNA Wrestler Gunner recently spoke with Aaron Oster of the Baltimore Sun and touched up on a number of topics Below are a few highlights to check out:

On his storyline with Samuel Shaw:“I don’t know what to expect yet. Sam’s a little loopy. He’s a creepy guy. There’s something wrong with him, and on the show he got committed by Ken Anderson. So I’m going in there and trying to talk some sense into him and see what’s in his head. We’re just starting that segment, so we’ll see where it goes. Sam’s an awesome, young, talent and he’s hungry. Everything he does is whole-hearted and he does it well.”

On the departure of a number of talent from TNA and the feeling backstage:“Obviously to a certain extent it sucks to see guys like that leave. We were all good friends, we traveled together for years. But that’s the wrestling business unfortunately. To a certain point though, it’s good. It’s letting younger guys step up and guys like me and some of the younger talent like EC3, we have to make it or break it. We’ll either step up and run with the ball, or you drop it and they’ll send you home. As far as the product goes, the ratings haven’t dropped because certain guys have left, and fresh faces are coming in. As far as your friends leaving, that’s the sucky part, but I look at the product getting better and better and better as the young talent thrives. In pro wrestling, you always have to be building up the young guys up, so they can take over in the future.”

On TNA’s recent ratings:“Yeah, I think it gets overblown. Of course, you have your armchair wrestling fans who are going to the product, either Monday or Thursday nights. When I was growing up, in the ’90s and the Monday night wars, ratings were huge, it was ridiculous. It tapered off after a while. Will it get back to that? I would love to think so and hope so. But right now, what we’re working with is really good.”

Whether any internet rumors have affected wrestlers:“No, it hasn’t. I think that [the outside talk] is something that as an entertainer that you just get used to. It doesn’t matter what form of entertainer, musician, in the movies, whatever, there’s always going to be rumors and whatever flying around. Those people don’t know what you go through though. I’m not the one writing the storylines, so they can’t really bash me for that. But I’m going out there and entertaining and if you let those people get to you, then you let those people win. It’s never really bothered me at all. I just go out there and work the same no matter what they say. The guys I listen to are the guys backstage that I work with. Guys like Al Snow and listening to those guys are what’s going to make me better.”