This past Monday on Raw, we saw The McMahon Family stand in the middle of the ring, side-by-side with new WWE Champion Randy Orton.  They waited for Daniel Bryan to come out to the ring, and come up to them face-to-face.

Between the entrance ramp, and the ring, was The Shield.

The hounds of injustice.

The team fighting for the new guys, the ones complaining about the old guard.

Does anyone else find it hypocritical to see the three of them defending the old guard?

Alright, granted, it's early in the story line, but even a minor detail - something tiny even - about how Triple H paid them off to keep Daniel Bryan out of the ring would have gone a long way.  

Instead, we are left to wonder and assume.  I hate assuming.

Speaking of assuming, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say we will probably get a bunch of variations of Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield over the next few weeks, which, as a wrestling fan, is pretty exciting since all four men are pretty damn good workers, but it is highly predictable.

Anyhow, back on target, WWE has a chance to elaborate on a storyline filled with holes.  They have an opportunity to fill in the gaps and explain to everyone who The Shield is to the McMahons.  I'm ok with The Shield being the hired muscle to the McMahons if they can explain it in a way that makes sense.

What about for the future?  If The Shield stays aligned with Clan McMahon long-term, I'm not so sure it will work out better for them.  They should be a separate entity and have little to do with the "Corporate Champion" Randy Orton.  It just doesn't make sense with their current mantra.

WWE is building up a tag division bit by bit, and we have been witnessing some great tag matches lately.  Rollins and Reigns can continue to defend their titles on pay-per-view on a regular basis, dropping them when the moment is right.

Dean Ambrose can run some stellar feuds too. Pair him up against a floundering Miz and give Miz the opportunity to change up his character.  The promos they could cut would be great.  Or how about Christian?  He's not in the World Championship picture right now.  It would give him something to do.

Or perhaps with an up-and-coming NXT babyface?  There's plenty of talent down there.

The Shield can be much more than hired goons, with a little bit of thought and effort.  They just need someone they can really sink their teeth into.

Not Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, or Randy Orton.

Not the Old Guard.