Jeff Hardy recently made an appearance on the Between The Ropes podcast with Brian Fritz and they covered a wide range of topics.  You can listen to the interview at  Here are just a few snippits:

Hardy on whether he thought his career might be over in TNA after his personal issues:

"Oh yeah, definitely. It was a dark, depressing time in my life after Victory Road 2011 was real … it was a sad time for me cause they could have easily fired me and let me go. As far as them giving me that second chance and letting me prove myself, TNA saved me. They saved my life pretty much."

Hardy on if he would like to end his career back in WWE, much like Kurt Angle has stated he would:

"From time to time I’ll turn on Raw and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the WWE Universe man, because they, what a … the crowds. When I watch, it hurts a little bit. I’m going ‘oh man, that’s my creatures man, my fans’. They’ve supported me so much. And even on the Instagram posts that’s all I ever see. ‘Go back to WWE. You said you’d come back. It’s never forever, it’s just for now’. I mean, ultimately, when the time is right, who knows. But I started there and whether it’s 10, 15 years down the road I would like to end there."

Hardy's thoughts on the current Spike Television deal situation, with Spike potentially not renewing iMPACT:

"I just hear that negotiations are ongoing. People have their doubts but me, I’m the type of guy that, you know, I have faith in TNA wherever we end up. I have faith that, you know, a year from now we’re still going to be on Spike. I don’t read Twitter timelines. I don’t follow the social network at all. So, I don’t know. I feel good about being in TNA and as far as I’m concerned I’m going to be on Spike this time next year."

Other topics of discussion include reuniting with his brother Matt, the New York tapings, the Willow character, and much more.  A decent listen, so check it out.