Rob Van Dam sat down and did an interview with VOC Nation.  They discussed his signing with WWE, among other topics.  Here are some specific WWE comments.  You can hear the entire interview at

RVD on the nature of his WWE deal:

"It’s definitely not a couple of appearances and I’m gone.

RVD on the schedule:

"I’m definitely not interested in a full time schedule. I asked WWE before I left if there was anything for me part time (like TNA had offered), and they wanted me back but they wanted me full time.

RVD on how WWE’s mindset has changed about forcing mandatory full-time schedules for wrestlers:

"Now things have changed; there’s different people in the office there that are more sympathetic and understanding to the road life combined with the wrestling career. They came around; this is going to be awesome. There is a lot of excitement.

RVD on how his return to WWE impacts wrestling:

"There are a lot of moves that can be done in the ring to pop the crowd; there’s not a lot of things that can be done to pop the industry - guess what I did? BOOM!

RVD on the power of WWE’s brand vs. TNA’s brand visibility:

"A lot of people didn’t notice a lot of what I did over the last 3 years. With one 48 second video, WWE made RVD more relevant than he had been in the past several years. A lot of fans don’t watch (TNA). People were asking me if I retired, and I felt like a constant ambassador telling people to watch TNA to see me."