As we all know, there are both heels and faces in wrestling. Yet according to Justin LaBar at the Bleacher Report, the #1 babyface is currently Dean Ambrose. LaBar writes:
        “John Cena gets cheered and hated to the extreme, and WWE has commercialized that. Daniel Bryan is injured for an extended period of time. Chris Jericho will be back on the tour bus before we know it. Roman Reigns has grand potential but is still being developed.
        Ambrose is the perfect package…He looks the part…His style in the ring backs up his look…His selling quality reminds me of Steve Austin and Mr. Kennedy.”
   I must personally admit that – with the exception of Jake “The Snake” Roberts – I’ve seen few performers employ psychology as well as Ambrose. The way in which he can play mind games with another person is uncanny.
   How about you? Do you think he’s the best babyface?