Ever since The Rock announced on the 1000th episode of Raw he was challenging for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble, speculation has been rife regarding who his opponent will be.

It seems inevitable it will be either the current champion CM Punk or John Cena, with many feeling the outcome will be The Rock vs John Cena 2 either at Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 29.

Vince McMahon is pushing for a rematch between the two larger than life characters but is repeating this year's main event of WrestleMania really the best direction for the WWE?

My personal opinion is that a rematch SHOULDN'T happen and allow me to explain why.

No one can doubt their match at WrestleMania was great but their match at Wrestlemania 28 was billed as 'Once in a Lifetime." How can you possibly have a once in a lifetime match twice? It doesn't make sense.

There are rumours that Vince McMahon wants their rematch to be billed as 'Twice in a Lifetime.' That makes even less sense. If a rematch must take place, it would be better off billing it as something like 'Lightning Strikes Twice.' (P.S. If WWE uses that, we all know where the idea really came from).

If the WWE is adamant on The Rock-John Cena 2, then please have the match at Royal Rumble and not WrestleMania 29. It doesn't need to be at WrestleMania to make the match or pay per view big.

It's always going to be the biggest pay per view of the year while Royal Rumble needs to get back to the big-feel atmosphere it's been lacking over recent years. A new main event is needed to make WrestleMania 29 different and not a repeat of WrestleMania 28.

Also, it's pretty obvious who the winner would be in the rematch. There's no way the WWE will let their golden boy lose twice to someone that's not even a full-time wrestler anymore. Therefore, the match wouldn't have the same appeal as their first encounter.

If they are to have a second match, which John Cena would almost definitely win, a third match will then be set up to determine who is the better man. Suddenly 'Once in a Lifetime' becomes 'Third Time's the Charm.' When does it end?

The Rock vs. John Cena was a great match because it was fresh and unique. Keep the freshness going by hyping another big-time main event. Don't live off the past. Focus on the future.