WE had some fun Indy action courtesy of 1WA Mid South. From all reports it was a nice show and the fans left happy campers. Below are the results from last nights show thanks to pwpondering.com:

IWA Mid South: No Rest for the Wicked
May 22, 2014
Clarksville, IN

Ian Rotten opened the show by saying John Wayne Murdoch had broken his
hand and would be unable to wrestle him in the Taipei barbed wire bat
match. Out comes the “Hebrew Hammer” Joseph Schwartz who wants to be
Murdoch’s replacement. Ian refuses at first until he says if Schwartz
will sign a waver, he will agree to the match. Joseph heads to the
back to find a pen. It’s official: Ian Rotten vs Joseph Schwartz in a
Taipei barbed wire match later tonight.

The show opens with a reverse battle royal that is won by Mean Mitch
Page. Alex Castle and Frank Wyatt attack the American Viking and the
Littlest Viking, Jake Parnell immediately after which lead to the
second contest…

Alex Castle and Frank Wyatt defeat The American Viking and Jake
Parnell via pinfall after a double team maneuver on Parnell. The
former team kept Jake isolated, taking turns on keeping the American
Viking away/out of the ring. Solid match.

Third match, Jo Jo Bravo beat Cash Flo. Twice Cash had Bravo pinned
but both times, he pulled Jo Jo up to inflict more damage. His
arrogance cost him as Jo Jo hit a hurricarana for a three count.

Fourth, the ladies “Pick Your Poison” match between Heidi Lovelace vs
Angelus Layne vs Thunderkitty vs Randi West (with Rodney Rush).
Angelus hits the Angelock Suplex on Heidi for the win. She gets on the
mic and assures Thunderkitty that they are partners but before she can
say anything else, Rodney Rush whispers in her ear. Angelus then
announces that the poison she is picking will be to face LuFisto at
the Queen of the Death Match non-title tournament – with Jordynne
Grace (Rush’s other client).

Fifth is the Taipei barbed wire match between Ian Rotten taking on the
“Hebrew Hammer” Joseph Schwartz. Ian pins Schwartz after hitting a
double arm DDT onto a steel chair. Both men were bleeding profusely,
and after the match Rotten welcomed Joseph into the IWAMS Family,
saying Schwartz was “supposed to be a joke” but had proven he was no
joke and had shown what he could do.

Ian Rotten announces that IWA Mid South is going to start running
weekly shows at Jammerz roller skating rink on Thursday nights.

Jason Saint comes to the ring and calls out Mean Mitch Page. He tells
Page one of his clients, Derek Neal, has beaten Page twice – now Neal
wants Page in a First Blood Match. Page accepts, saying he isn’t
afraid to bleed but “just because he starts bleeding doesn’t mean I
have to stop.” Mitch starts out of the ring towards Saint, which
causes the latter man to run to the back. This match is booked for May

In an IWAMS Heavyweight Championship qualifyer, “The Iron Demon” Shane
Mercer took on “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. Mercer gets the pin to
advance to the semi-finals after an unreal fight. Elgin gets on the
mic and says that most people took note of him when he was in Mid
South, and the same held true for a lot of people that are now known
by fans all over. Elgin tells Mercer that, given a few years, Mercer
will be in the spot that Elgin is now, telling another up and comer
that he will be in his shoes one day. Elgin extends his hand but
Mercer slaps it away.

Tag team action in which White America (Tripp Cassidy & Josh Crane)
face off against Mason and Devin Cutter (The Hooligans). Great match
that was marred when crooked referee John Grey gave a fast count to
Cassidy when he had one of the Hooligans rolled up.

The second of three IWAMS Heavyweight Championship tournament matches
went down as Kongo Kong (accompanied by Rodney Rush and Randi West)
wrestled BJ Whitmer. Despite BJ’s best efforts, Kongo overpowered him
for the win to advance.

The main event saw a rematch as “The Hood Ninja” Hy Zaya fought Reed
“BY GOD” Bentley in the third tournament match. These two fought all
over Jammerz, taking some insane risks and beating the tar out of each
other. John Grey attempted to pull another fast count but was
unsuccessful – and an errant elbow from Bentley took out Grey. As a
second, unbiased referee hit the ring, Hy Zaya hit the Swanton Bomb on
Reed to gain vengeance and advance a step closer to becoming the new
IWA Mid South Heavyweight Champion. Out comes Shane Mercer to beat
down Hy, as the two will be wrestling each other next Thursday. After
Mercer leaves, Ian Rotten helps Hy Zaya to his feet and praises him as
someone who used to be in the audience and has come a long way in his
wrestling career. He hopes to see Hy as the new champion at the end of
the tournament.