IWA was back in action the other night when they presented their IWA – MS Old Scars, Bad Blood show. Below is a look at how all the action went down:

IWA – MS Old Scars, Bad Blood
July 10, 2014
Clarksville, In
Credit: pwponderings.com

First match: John Wayne Murdoch vs Jacob Black. Murdoch defeats Black via KO.

Second match: “Never Say Die” Josh Crane (with John Grey) vs Johnny Rotten Sixx (with Sabrina Sixx). Crane pins Sixx after interference from John Grey.

“Mean” Mitch Page enters the ring and calls Ian Rotten down. Page wants to know why Ian chose Mistress Burgundi as Ian’s partner for the upcoming Double Death Tournament (as in Evolution Pro, Zodiac and Burgundi have been attacking Page.) Then he insinuates he knows “why” Ian chose her but Rotten denies it and goes to explain but out comes Burgundi, infuriated by the insinuation. As Page is mocking her, Zodiac runs out and attacks Mitch. It takes guys from the back to separate the two. Announced for later is Mitch Page vs Zodiac.

Match three: Thunderkitty vs Mistress Burgundi. Burgundi pins TK using the ropes for leverage but after Mickie Knuckles tells the referee, she restarts the match. Thunderkitty promptly rolls up Burgundi for the win. Outside the ring, Burgundi steps to Knuckles who shoves her down and dares her to try something. Burgundi backs down.

Fourth match: Mason and Devin Cutter, the Hooligans vs “The Iron Demon” Shane Mercer & The American Viking. The Hooligans win via pinfall after the Viking accidentally hits Mercer. After the match Mercer is pissed but tells the Viking they will talk it out over some meade.

Ian stops Shane Mercer after they exit the ring and extends an invitation to the TPI. Mercer accepts making him the SIXTH entrant into the TPI.

Fifth match: “Have Mercy” Percy Davis vs “The Phoenix” Dale Patricks. Patricks pins Davis after a modified piledriver.

Sixth match: Zodiac vs “Mean” Mitch Page. This was a wild brawl that went all over the building, into the women’s restroom, and outside. After being unable to gain any semblance of control, the referee declares this a no contest. It takes the whole locker room to separate the two and get Zodiac to the back before Page calms down. It’s announced that at Evolution Pro Wrestling’s one year anniversary show, July 24th, it will be Mitch Page vs Zodiac in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Seventh match: Reed “BY GOD” Bentley (with John Grey) vs “Diamond Cut” Ace Perry. This match ends in a twenty minute time limit draw, despite Bentley’s best efforts to keep young Ace Perry down.

Main event: Ian Rotten vs Mitch Ryder in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match. Both men are bloodied, and as Ian is getting ready to suplex Ryder into a row of light tubes held up by chairs, Zodiac runs out and powerbombs Ian into the tubes. Ryder pins him to win the match. As both Ryder and Zodiac start double teaming Ian, Page and Murdoch run out to chase them off.