Just a quick update on the going ons of GFW; FOX Business has a new article up with Jarrett. Jarrett was asked about the rumors of Mick Foley joining GFW and would not confirm or deny them. He said he is getting a lot of interest from veterans, rookies and everyone in between.

Jarrett also responded to skeptics who say WWE’s stock plunge is a sign that interest in wrestling is plummeting:

"I’m not nervous at all. Investors may be disappointed but the increase in rights and TV fees speaks volumes as to how much interest is in the wrestling world. If you want proof of how big wrestling is, just look at Hollywood. The Rock went to Hollywood and came back to the WWE 10 years later as the hottest actor in the world. He’s a third-generation wrestler, as I am, and he’s the hottest box office attraction out there."