WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross once again took to his blog on jrsbarbq.com. In it he talks about Heyman, Hogan's birthday and more. Below are a few highlights for you to check out:

WWE is to be commended on their production values on such presentations like Hulk Hogan's 61st birthday party. It wasn't over done and had enough "dirty looks" from some of the great stars in the ring and potential angle alerts to make it fun.

Paul Heyman has become pure gold on the mic but that isn't a revelation or new news. The first segment with Heyman and Brock Lesnar was excellent. Lesnar has become Sasquatch. If Lesnar doesn't win the WWE World Title Sunday in LA at Summer Slam, I will be surprised. This championship should be a match dotted with physicality. Hey, who knows. perhaps WWE goes the surprise route because so many folks including me think that Lesnar should be the champion regardless of his schedule. 

Reigns wins by disqualification which did not bother me as it was explained by the announcers and then the apparent next, "it" guy made his physical presence felt to both Ryback and Axel and the last thing people see is generally what they remember. Reigns rolled and that's what I remember. Reigns is an amazing prospect but needs more reps on the mic but the second generation wrestler is fully aware of how important mic skills are in the biz and especially in WWE. Reigns is a smart young man and I have every confidence that his mic skills will continue to evolve. I still say his time line is April 2015 at WM31.

The Stephanie-Brie Bella story has been well done even though the segment with the physical therapist Monday night on RAW was a little long for my taste but I'm looking forward to watching them in the ring Sunday and expect some surprises. (Angle Alert!)

Again, the birthday party for Hogan tied together well with Lesnar vs. Cena at Summer Slam. This should be a great show Sunday if the matches have the time to tell viable stories. However, when in LA the WWE generally goes "Hollywood" and I'd expect this Sunday to be much of the same. That's cool but give me my wrestling.