Jim Ross recently wrote a new blog on his website JRsbarbq.com.  Here are a few highlights.

Ross on Bret Hart and their relationship: "When I came to WWE in 1993, Bret Hart was at the top of my list of talents whose matches that I wanted to broadcast. Bret was of the same mold that I had been brought into the business with in the territory days except he was at a higher level than just about anyone. His technical expertise reminded me of Danny Hodge who many consider the greatest wrestler, amateur turned pro, America has ever produced. Bret recently had his knee replaced but he seemed to be moving around well while in the ring. He was one of my wrestling friends who reached out to my family during the recent Oklahoma tornados. Bret was in Hawaii at the time and him contacting us was much appreciated. That illustrates what kind of man that he is....a true, friend."

Ross on The Bray Wyatt vignette: "The Bray Wyatt Family vignette was spot on and after seeing them perform as much as I have in NXT I can attest that they will, without question, contribute positively to WWE once they arrive on Raw and/or Smackdown. Wyatt has success and athleticism in his blood and has that rare, second gear that most big men do not possess. I can't stress how important that is. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are big, rugged dudes who, at times, remind me of a young Mick Foley or Bruiser Brody inasmuch as they are 'brawlers' who move well for being such big men."

Ross on Daniel Bryan: For my money, no one on any WWE broadcast over shadows Daniel Bryan who is arguably the best technical wrestler in the business and his consistent performances week after week often times goes unmentioned. Bryan has the same skill set that Bret Hart had back in the day and that is making everyone that he's in the ring with better. That is a true artform and is one that is battling to make a comeback in today's world of sports entertainment.