WWE Legend Jim Ross took to his blog over at jrsbarbq.com. This time around he gave us his thoughts and predictions of tonight’s WWE Extreme Rules. Here is a look at what he had to say:

Daniel Bryan defeats Kane, overcomes the odds from a battered body and a much bigger, stronger opponent and then begins to get prepared for an eventual challenge to the WWE World Title from Brock Lesnar. Still of the mindset that the Bryan vs. Kane match exceeds expectations.

Thinking that The Shield overcomes Evolution in what should be a really strong 6 Man Tag. I expect this match to be very well produced and executed. Anxious to see it and hopefully the younger trio prevails to continue their ascension to the top of the roster.

Predicting that Bray Wyatt wins the cage match versus John Cena and I hope that it isn't via escaping the cage as that was designed years ago in another era to help 'save' the hero's image. Those days are long gone and Wyatt beating Cena by pinfall inside the cage helps build of the Wyatt persona and doesn't aversely harm Cena but instead facilitates the rivalry of which Cena will eventually prevail.

Can't see why Cesaro shouldn't to win the three man elimination match that actually should be really good featuring RVD and Jack Swagger as well. I'm a fan of all three men's work and have high expectations for this match.

If Bad News Barrett doesn't win the IC Title Sunday Night against Big E then WWE is missing a great opportunity to elevate a much needed antagonist and to continue to rehabilitate the image of the IC Title that used to mean so much in WWE. A loss to Barrett doesn't do significant damage to Big E who has cooled off sincee winning the IC Title and 'E' can easily become relevant by being on the chase in an attempt to regain it.

Paige should retain the Divas Title in her first major title defense against Tamina Snuka. Was asked on the Q&A's elsewhere here if Paige was called up too early and my answer was an emphatic no. Paige is young and being on the road is a challenge to all especially younger talents but as far as in ring action is concerned, the Brit has been ready a while. I see Tamina imposing her will and Paige battling from underneath to prevail. Keep it simple, logical and easy to execute. Plus, give these women time to tell a story.

Rusev is pitted against both R Truth and Xavier Woods as I assume that Truth & Woods will act as a tag team. Nonetheless Rusev should win but winning quickly is an important consideration. If WWE continues to play to Rusev strengths and the announce team continues to point out all the positives of the Bulgarian Brute, the rookie has a shot at getting over as in a year from now. I do like the package of Rusev and Lana as she has a distinctive look and accent that makes her different. Being different in today's world of pro wrestling, just like yesteryear, is imperative.

The obvious thing to do in the Hornswoggle vs. Torito match is to make the audience happy in this comedy outing and see the diminutive and talented masked grappler prevail but I'd go the other way and spotlight Horney as a way to promote his upcoming movie and to further the issue with Torito.

Anxious to see what 'shocking' moments or major surprises that WWE has in store on this show as those types of things are important to have in place to continue to aggressively market their WWE Network when folks hear what they have missed. If one is a wrestling fan and the Network is available to you, I can't see why one wouldn't subscribe for the $9.99 price tag per month.

WrestleMania 30 provided the end of The Streak and I'm curious to see what tonight brings. With that said and with the possible physical issues that Taker may be living with, one can make more sense of The Streak abruptly ending at WM30. I was/am a 'Streak' guy and it ending still has many of us talking about it weeks afterwards which is the sign of a shrewd promoter.