WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross took to his blog over at jrsbarbq.com. In it he discusses the release of many WWE superstars. Below are a few highlights for you to check out:

"Unfortunate news coming out of WWE today regarding many talents being released. This was always the hardest part of my old job back in the day in WWE but it unfortunately comes with the territory. My theory was to make it as quick and painless for the talents that were being released as possible. One has to remember that this not only affects the individual but their families, friends and fans as well. 

I'm sure that many of those released will stay busy on the indy circuit, autograph functions, etc if they choose to travel that road. 

Hopefully, WWE is going to make it as easy as possible for these released talents to quickly and seamlessly move on to other opportunities that may be available now but might not be in a few weeks.

Days like these are exactly the reason that I have stressed, and often times been criticized, for preaching that all wrestling personnel have a viable plan B. It's not fair to one's family to not have a plan B especially in the volatile world of pro wrestling, pro sports and entertainment, in general.

The demise of the territories rears it's ugly and much missed head again on days such as this.

For the young talents that are now non WWE talents, your dreams can still come true if that's the path with which you choose to commit. One thing is for sure....if one turns in their jersey then the game is over...your time has run out...and it's time to explore other options that hopefully are more structured and less volatile. In other words, don't quit if being in the business still resonates in your heart. 

By no means should any one cease attempting to live their dreams simply because they are no longer working in WWE or any other company for that matter."