Someone once stated that all good things must come to an end. If true, this is one of those days for longtime WWE fans. Jim Ross – employed by WWE since 1993 and instantly recognized by millions of WWE fans- has officially decided to retire. On July 22nd, Ross posted the following on his Twitter account:
  “Tomorrow is my last, legal day w/ @WWE  It was a great 21 year run. Best biz decision ever was coming to WWE '93. Grateful to all involved.”

While Jim Ross has been at odds with his now former employer during the past few months, there’s no denying the love he has for the wrestling business. Even Triple H had something good to say about good ol’ J.R., writing to him:
 “@JRsBBQ Thanks for being the voice of our attitude…#noonebetter”

In the grand scheme of things, Jim “JR” Ross deciding to retire falls short of being a tragedy. Yet to WWE lifers like myself, it feels something like Yankee fans when they think about Derek Jeter. Jim Ross was a person we grew up. He was always entertaining, professional, and – in a sport featuring superstars that none of us will ever become - made us feel like he was one of us. Maybe it’s because he’s the guy I grew up with, but in my opinion there’ll never be another Jim Ross. Many will imitate, none will duplicate.