Jim Ross took to his blog at JRsBBQ.com to discuss the current roster, working at NXT, and more.  Here are a couple highlights.

Ross on a competitive locker room: "Competition amongst talents is healthy. No one should be 'grandfathered in' as it relates to being a main eventer but should be required to earn it in an ongoing basis. At least, that's my opinion. We had great locker room competition among the talents during the Attitude Era because the roster was so deep with experienced, main event level talents who all wanted a taste of the big money.

"No one rested on their laurels. The advantage then over now is that WWE had more top hands who could carry a main event than they currently do. The good news in that assessment is that the roster today is getting younger and I can see very soon down the road where the competition component is going to return in earnest because everyone can't go on last and everyone can't earn the top money on a given show." 

Ross on working with the NXT broadcast team: Enjoying working with the young broadcasters in NXT including veteran William Regal who is actually highly skilled at this aspect of the business. It is my opinion that every announce desk should have a degree of contrasting opinions all traveling in the same direction that should be entertainingly expressed but never at the expense of telling an accurate story of what is being displayed on the monitor."