Following up on Drew Koscelek's article from yesterday, various sources have reported that onscreen TNA President Kurt Angle recently turned down a contract offer from TNA. The reason - as has been said - is that Angle believes the next contract offer he signs will be his last and he has much to think about.

While this by no means guarantees that Kurt Angle will not ultimately sign a new contract offer with TNA (he might), some believe that Kurt Angle wants to finish his career with WWE. Among these believers is Eric Gargiulo at, who points out that "Angle has said over the last several months that he would like to return to the WWE."

A potential problem with Angle returning to the WWE is whether or not they'll want to invest in a superstar who's body insider Dave Meltzer says, "is in real rough shape". According to Gargiulo, "Meltzer questioned whether Angle would even pass a physical upon returning to the WWE." Meltzer stated on a podcast with that WWE CEO Vince McMahon has stated he will never bring back Kurt Angle because he doesn't want to "have an Olympic gold medalist dying" on his watch . This may be in reference to some of the substance issues Angle previously battled, which he has since got under control.

Whether in TNA or WWE, it should be an interesting summer to see what happens with Kurt Angle. His TNA contract expires September 21st, the first official day of Fall.