The release of TNA X-Division star Jesse Sorensen has apparently hit a few nerves out there, with mixed results.

Executive producer Eric Bischoff took to his Twitter to speak some kind words regarding the release of Sorensen from his contract.  He wrote:

"Nothing but respect and support for Jesse Sorensen.  Stay strong, never lose your determination, and success will find you."

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Not all the words online in the wake of Sorensen's release have been pleasant though.  Later in the day, a post surfaced from a fundraiser website where Sorensen himself was critical of TNA's president, Dixie Carter.  The post reads:

"My name is Jessy Sorensen (Jesse Sorensen) I am a former professional wrestler for TNA iMPACT Wrestling, seen every Thursday night on SpikeTV.  On Feb 12th, 2012 during a live match on pay per view vs. Zema Ion I suffered a severe neck injury sustaining a broke C-1 vertebrae and herniated C-5 and C-6.

After a long recovery process and being promised by the President of TNA iMPACT Wrestling Dixie Carter I would always have a job with her company, I recently was released from my current contract and shown those promises were false."

Sorensen is attempting to raise the $600 in entry fees and other funds that he needs to compete in an October 5 bodybuilding show taking place in Tampa, FL.  In his post, he notes that he thought he would initially have to drop out of the show after being released from TNA.

The full post can be seen at as well as how you can contribute if you are so inclined to.

Wentz's Wonderings...

Know that statement about "never burning bridges"....?  Yeah, that might apply here, unless Jesse has other aspirations beyond pro wrestling.  As someone who has been through job loss, never good to immediately and publicly rip the former employer.  Dixie Carter, at least via her Twitter account, has not said anything to this point.