Chuck Carroll of CBS New York recently had a chat with TNA's Mr. Anderson about his new podcast, TNA's future, Steve Austin and more. Below are some highlights for you to enjoy:

Wrestlers having a say on the six-sided ring:

“As far as I know (wrestlers) didn’t have any. As far as I know that was strictly an organizational thing. You know, the higher ups in the company going off of the fans vote on it. I believe that was completely out of our hands. I had no say in it as far as I know.”

Whether the Attitude Era is now holding wrestling back:

“I sort of think that if fans are holding on to ECW and that era and things from the past, I sort of think that means we’re not giving them what they want to see… I think the best way to go about that is to keep trying new things until something works. And that’s what we do. That’s what our writers do. They’re continuously coming up with new ideas.”

Whether Sting told TNA he was going to WWE:

“No, he didn’t make any mention. This is the nature of our business. The wrestling business… people come and people go. It’s sort of been that way forever.”