WWE Battleground takes place tonight. Here is how I see the show going.

  • Dolph Ziggler to beat Damien Sandow: Neither man has real momentum heading in to the show but I see Ziggler winning this one.
  • The Real Americans to beat Santino Marella & The Great Khali: This could go either way but The Real Americans have been made to look bad against Santino lately so they will probably get a measure of revenge.
  • Bray Wyatt to beat Kofi Kingston: Bray Wyatt needs the win to keep his momentum going.
  • Curtis Axel (c) to beat R-Truth to retain the Intercontinental Championship: I can see Truth winning this match but Curtis Axel needs to be booked strong. He has been booked weakly for a while now and needs to keep the IC title in a strong showing.
  • Brie Bella to beat AJ Lee (c) to win the Divas Championship: This isn't what I want to see but I think it will happen. Brie is slightly involved in the main event angle and I think she will have the Divas title put on her.
  • Goldust & Cody Rhodes to beat Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins: I would believe The Shield have a chance of winning if Triple H didn't say Cody Rhodes and Goldust would never work in the WWE again if they lose. Cody Rhodes will not be leaving the WWE for good. Therefore, they will win.
  • CM Punk to beat Ryback: This match really could go either way and both superstars needs wins. However, Punk needs the win that little bit more. Also, Paul Heyman has been saying for a while that Punk can't beat a bigger guy. So, Punk will probably prove him wrong.
  • Alberto Del Rio (c) to beat Rob Van Dam in a Hardcore match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship: Del Rio will keep the title and possibly even injure RVD.
  • Daniel Bryan to beat Randy Orton by Disqualification; The WWE Championship will remain vacant: This will lead to a rematch for the vacant title at the next PPV; Hell in a Cell inside the demonic structure.