Here we go for another edition of My Fantasy SmackDown.

  • In Ring Segment: SmackDown GM Booker T reveals The Undertaker was injured at the hands of Law & Order last week. Law & Order come out. Randy Orton brags about what they did to The Undertaker last week. He then hands the mic to Cody Rhodes. He criticizes Booker T's decision to give Seth Rollins a shot at his US title at No Mercy. Booker cuts him off by saying Orton and Rhodes aren't the only L&O members competing at No Mercy. It will also be Bray Wyatt vs Dolph Ziggler and Christian vs John Cena. Booker exits the ring. He then turns around and announces two matches for tonight. He announces Mark Henry vs Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton.
  • Adrian Neville (with Cruiserweight Champion Tyson Kidd) defeated Antonio Cesaro (Time of contest - 07:56) Neville pulls off the big win with the Red Arrow.
  • Backstage Segment: Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes are complaining to their Law & Order team mates about the matches made for tonight.
  • Backstage Segment: Dolph Ziggler thanks Booker T for giving him a match with Bray Wyatt at No Mercy. Booker wishes him luck in that match and his match next.
  • Dolph Ziggler defeated Mason Ryan (Time of contest - 05:43) Ziggler wins with the Zig Zag.
  • Backstage Interview: Mark Henry tells Renee Young he will show Randy Orton what's going to happen to him at No Mercy next against his friend Cody Rhodes.
  • Mark Henry defeated United States Champion Cody Rhodes (with Rosa Mendes) in a non title match (Time of contest - 10:06) Rhodes puts in a good effort but in the end Mark Henry's strength is too much. Henry catches Rhodes when he goes for the Beautiful Disaster Kick. Henry slams Rhodes down with the Worlds Strongest Slam.
  • In Ring Segment: John Cena says he can't wait to get his hands on Christian. Christian walks to the ring. The two exchange words. Christian slaps Cena before hightailing it.
  • Layla defeated Aksana (Time of contest - 03:04) Layla wins with the Bombshell.
  • Backstage Interview: The Usos say they want a WWE Tag Team title match. The Big Show & Kofi Kingston interrupt. They say they have to earn that right. Booker T makes The Usos vs Big Show & Kingston for next week. The winners earn a Tag title match at No Mercy.
  • Via Satellite: Dean Ambrose updates us on his injury status.
  • Backstage Segment: Kaitlyn tells Seth Rollins she's worried about his match tonight. Rollins says not to worry but wants her to stay backstage and out of harms way. Kaitlyn agrees.
  • Sin Cara defeated Jinder Mahal (with Heath Slater) (Time of contest - 04:34) Sin Cara wins with a roll up out of nowhere.
  • Backstage Interview: John Cena tells Renee Young that Christian has nowhere to run at No Mercy.
  • On the Titantron: Booker T makes an announcement for next week. It will be John Cena vs Big E Langston and Mark Henry & Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt.
  • Vignette airing the debut of Los Matadores.
  • World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins in a non title match (Time of contest - 13:05) This was a great match. Both men pick up near falls. As the match draws to a close, Rollins goes for the Springboard High Knee. Orton catches Rollins in mid air with an RKO. 1, 2, 3.
  • The show ends with Randy Orton standing over Seth Rollins.


Here are the match results:

1. Adrian Neville defeated Antonio Cesaro

2. Dolph Ziggler defeated Mason Ryan

3. Mark Henry defeated United States Champion Cody Rhodes in a non title match

4. Layla defeated Aksana

5. Sin Cara defeated Jinder Mahal

6. World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins in a non title match


Here is the current No Mercy card:

1. Randy Orton (c) vs Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship

2. Cody Rhodes (c) vs Seth Rollins for the United States Championship

3. Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt

4. John Cena vs Christian