Welcome to another edition of My Fantasy WWE Friday night SmackDown. Last week, Teddy Long and Edge were announced as co-general managers of SmackDown.What will happen under the new reign? Lets find out.MATCH 1: THE MIZ (w/R-Truth) VS JUSTIN GABRIELThe Miz enters the ring with a big smile on his face. He's expecting an easy contest against Justin Gabriel. He taunts the South African superstar as the bell rings.Gabriel shocks The Miz by hitting a nmber of high flying moves. The contest is a lot more even than The Miz expects.Towards the end of the match, The Miz hits an inverted facelock backbreaker. As he attempts to follow it up with a neckbreaker slam, Gabriel reverses it in to a spin kick.Gabriel climbs to the top rope. He goes for the 450 splash. The Miz rolls out the way, sending Gabriel hard to the mat below. Miz gets up and hits the Skull Crushing Finale. 1, 2, 3.WINNER: The Miz (Time of contest - 10:23)R-Truth comes in the ring and shakes The Miz's hand. They then hold up the WWE Tag Team championships high above their heads.The Kings of Wrestling come out and stand at the top of the stage. Awesome Truth and Kings of Wrestling stare each other down as we head to commercial.IN RING SEGMENTWade Barrett makes his way to the ring with Mason Ryan and William Regal by his side.Barrett: "Last week was the beginning of the end for Randy Orton. The viper continues to get in my way of accomplishing my goal of becoming WWE champion. That will be no more. The end of the viper is fast approaching. It's only a matter of time until he is met by the full force of Wade Barrett."Co-general manager Edge makes his way out.Edge: "You seem very confident about that Wade, and you will get the chance to face Randy Orton in the future. Tonight however, you will go one on one with the number one contender for the WWE championship, CM Punk. Good luck."Edge leaves as Wade Barrett takes the news in.MATCH 2: HUNICO VS TRENT BARETTA - MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFYING MATCHIn a back and forth, high flying, fast paced match up, Hunico manages to pick up the victory.Baretta takes Hunico down with a hard enzuigiri for a two count. Baretta then climbs to the top rope. He goes for a moonsault but Hunico manages to step aside. Hunico hits Baretta with a Samoan drop, followed by he Falling Star for the win.WINNER: Hunico (Time of contest - 08:35)Hunico celebrates qualifying for the money in the bank ladder match at WrestleMania.BACKSTAGETeddy Long and Edge are watching the television in the general manager's office.Edge: "Wow. What a match."Long: "That's the kind of standard we have on SmackDown."Edge: "The money in the bank ladder match is shaping up to be an epic contest."Long: "Oh by the way, nice job on the CM Punk/Wade Barrett match tonight. That's a great main event."Edge: "Thank you, I thought so."Long: "That match got me thinking and I have come up with another great match for tonight. Listen to this playa'. The United States champion Jack Swagger vs the Cruiserweight champion Zack Ryder."Edge: "This is going to be a great working partnership. Together, we can take SmackDown places it's never been."Teddy Long and Edge shake hands.MATCH 3: TAMINA VS GAIL KIMTamina dominates the majority of the match, using her size to her advantage.Tamina takes Kim down with a Samoan drop just as Gail Kim begins to gain some offense. She then climbs to the top rope, setting up for the Superfly Splash. Kim gets up and knocks the ropes, sending Tamina crashing down on the top turnbuckle.Kim takes Tamina down with a suplex from the top rope. Both competitors take until the count of seven to get to their feet.When they do, Tamina goes for a superkick. Kim ducks and replies with Eat Defeat. 1, 2, 3.WINNER: Gail Kim (Time of contest - 10:25)As Kim makes it to her feet, Kharma shows up on the titantron again.Kharma: "Another good win Gail. If you keep this up, you will see me and Eve sooner than you think." Kharma then meniacally laughs.MATCH 4: JACK SWAGGER (w/Booker T) VS ZACK RYDERThis champion vs champion match is even throughout the entire contest.While Ryder is set up in the corner, Swagger charges at the Cruiserweight champ. Ryder manages to get both his knees up to stop Swagger in his tracks. Ryder leaps on to the middle turnbuckle. He jumps off but Swagger catches him and hits Ryder with a spinebuster.Swagger goes for the corner slingshot splash. Ryder gets his foot up. Swagger grabs Ryder's foot and applies the ankle lock. Ryder screams in agony. He eventually escapes by rolling through, which sends Swagger in to the corner.As the US champ is down in the corner, Ryder hits the Broski Boot. Ryder sets up for the Rough Ryder.As Ryder is preparing to hit his finisher, Booker T climbs on the apron. Ryder goes to punch Booker but the former World champion jumps off the apron. Swagger comes from behind and hits Ryder on the back of the head. Swagger then hits the Gutwrench powerbomb for the win.WINNER: Jack Swagger (Time of contest - 16:40)Jack Swagger and Booker T celebrate the victory before leaving.Rey Mysterio comes out to the ring. He grabs a mic.Rey: "Zack, good effort out there tonight. But I'm here to talk about the Cruiserweight championship. Here is what I suggest. Me and you for the Cruiserweight title on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania XXVIII."Zack Ryder nods before shaking Mysterio's hand.BACKSTAGEScott Stanford is backstage with WWE champion Bryan Danielson.Stanford: "Bryan, in a little over three weeks, you will defend the WWE championship against CM Punk. Last week Punk defeated one of your bodyguards Skip Sheffield. Is that a sign of things to come for you at WrestleMania?"Danielson: "How dare you. CM Punk got lucky last week. Punk is not in my league. He likes to think he's the best in the world. Well he's not. If he was, he would be standing here WWE champion. The best in the world should be able to overcome me cashing in money in the bank. CM Punk wasn't able to do that. At WrestleMania, I'll prove once and for all I am better than CM Punk and I am the best in the world."MATCH 5: MARK HENRY VS SIN CARAThe worlds strongest man dominates the majority of the match but Sin Cara gets some offense in at the end of the match and even looks like he's going to pull off the upset.He's able to knock Mark Henry to his knees by continuous kicks to the legs. While Henry's on his knees, Sin Cara hits a springboard kick to the head of Henry. He covers him. 1, 2, kick out with authority.Sin Cara goes to the top rope. When Henry gets to his feet, Sin Cara goes for a diving crossbody. Henry catches him in mid air and hits the worlds strongest slam followed by the worlds strongest splash. 1, 2, 3.WINNER: Mark Henry (Time of contest - 10:37)As Mark Henry is taunting the crowd and Sin Cara, Kurt Angle's music hits. The olympic gold medalist runs down to the ring where he brawls with Mark Henry.Angle seems to have the advantage. He has Henry groggy. Angle runs at Henry. Angle's lifted up and planted with the worlds strongest man.Mark Henry stands over Kurt Angle.BACKSTAGEScott Stanford is stood backstage with CM Punk.Stanford: "You are just moments away from going one on one with Wade Barrett. What's your strategy going in to the match:?"Punk: "My strategy is simple. Win. WrestleMania is just round the corner and I can't afford to lose any momentum. Tonight, Wade Barrett will be put to sleep. Then, I go on to WrestleMania and put Bryan Danielson to sleep to become WWE champion, again."MAIN EVENT: CM PUNK VS WADE BARRETT (w/William Regal & Mason Ryan)The match between CM Punk and Wade Barrett is a very even contest.About halfway throught he match, William Regal and Mason Ryan are told to leave ringside by the referee. It comes after Regal is seen stretching in to the ring and tripping Punk with his hand. Regal and Ryan are not happy with the decision, nor is Wade Barrett.Towards the end of the match, CM Punk knocks Barrett down with a hard enzuigiri. Punk climbs to the top rope and hits the diving elbow drop for a near fall.When Barrett gets to his feet, Punk lifts the Englishman on to his shoulders for the GTS. Barrett fights out of it and hits a big boot for a near fall.Barrett lifts Punk on to his shoulders for Wasteland. Punk fights out of it and rolls up Barrett. 1, 2, kick out. When both men make it to their feet, Barrett hits the Winds of Change. Barrett crawls to the cover. Punk manages to kick out.Barrett is visibly frustrated and argues with the referee. He's so distracted arguing that he doesn't see CM Punk make it to his feet. When Barrett turns round, Punk hits the GTS.Before Punk can make the cover, WWE champion Bryan Danielson runs to the ring and hits Punk with a hard kick to the head. The ref calls for the bell.WINNER by Disqualification: CM Punk (Time of contest - 16:31)Danielson attempts to follow his attack up by hitting Punk with the WWE title belt. Punk ducks and takes Danielson down. Punk and Danielson brawl up the ramp.As they're doing so, Randy Orton comes through the crowd and RKO's Wade Barrett.The show ends with Orton standing over Barrett.