Welcome to yet another edition of My Fantasy WWE Monday night Raw. We are edging closer to WrestleMania. How will the rivalries develop. Lets find out.OPENING SEGMENTThe lights go out and the signature dongs of The Undertaker's entrance sound around the arena. After the fifth dong goes, fireworks go off on the stage and Chris Jericho's music hits.Jericho makes his way to the ring wearing a long black coat and black hat, just like The Undertaker's. Jericho grabs a microphone.Jericho: "I know you're all thinking this is disrespectful. Well it's not. The entrance. The coat. The hat. It's not to mock The Undertaker. It's to show I'm not scared of him. Everyone walks around afraid of The Undertaker. At the end of the day he is just like all of us. I saw at last years WrestleMania how vulnerable he was. Triple H was so close to beating the deadman. This year I will do what Triple H, Shawn Michaels and everyone that has faced The Undertaker at WrestleMania has failed to do. End the streak."The Undertaker makes his way to the ring.Taker: "You are sadly mistaken Jericho. This WrestleMania will be no different than all the others. The streak will continue and here's why. You are not Triple H. You are not Shawn Michaels. You are no where near their standard. At WrestleMania, I will show you I am not like everyone else. I am the deadman. No one can beat me at WrestleMania."Jericho: "I'm not as good as Triple H and Shawn Michaels? Bull****. Let me ask you a question. Who was the very first undisputed champion in WWE history? Was it Triple H? No. Was it Shawn Michaels? No. Was it you deadman? Of course it wasn't. It was me, Y2J, Chris Jericho. That's why I'm the best in the world at what I do and I will prove that on April 1st when I beat your ass. Not only will I beat you, but I'm going to make you tap out."The Undertaker smirks and leaves the ring.MATCH 1: RICHIE STEAMBOAT VS DAVID OTUNGA VS HEATH SLATER - MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFYING MATCHDavid Otunga and Heath Slater work together for the opening few minutes to take down Richie Steamboat.After a double suplex, Otunga goes to cover Steamboat. Slater breaks it up before going for the cover on Steamboat himself. Otunga breaks Slater's pin up.The two former Nexus members argue for a bit before exchanging punches.After both men battle it out for a few minutes, Otunga hits Slater with the Verdict. He covers Slater but the pin is broken up at two by Steamboat.Otunga knocks the IC champion down with a hard clothesline before posing to the crowd.When he turns round, he is hit with a superkick from Steamboat. The IC champion covers Otunga for the win.WINNER: Richie Steamboat (Time of contest - 09:26)Richie Steamboat celebrates qualifying for the money in the bank ladder match. Steamboat will be a part of his first WrestleMania on April 1st.BACKSTAGEEvan Bourne and Kofi Kingston are talking backstage. Raw general manager Michael Cole walks up to them.Cole: "It's good to see you both getting a long so well. Lets hope you're just as chummy after your match tonight."Kingston: "What are you talking about Cole?"Cole: "I'll tell you what I'm talking about Kofi. Tonight, you both will get the chance to qualify for the money in the bank ladder match."Bourne: "But there's only one space up for grabs."Cole: "Very clever Evan. You two will face each other with the winner advancing to WrestleMania. The loser will have to wait another year to be a part of the biggest event in professional wrestling. Good luck."Kingston and Bourne look at each other wary of what this will do to their friendship.MATCH 2: BETH PHEONIX VS AKSANAThe Womens champion Beth Pheonix dominates Aksana throughout the entire match.Beth could have finished the match off early but decided to taunt Aksana. She eventually decided it's time to finish off her opponent and hits the GlamSlam for the win.WINNER: Beth Pheonix (Time of contest - 03:37)Beth grabs a mic after the match.Beth: "That was way too easy, just like every challenge I've had since becoming Womens champion. There's no one in the WWE that can beat me. Do I make myself clear? NO ONE!"BACKSTAGEJack Korpela is stood by with John Cena.Korpela: "Last week John you were hit with the Rock Bottom. Everyone has been wondering what your response will be towards The Rock."Cena: "My response is well done Rock. Finally, The Rock is back. Last week was not Dwayne Johnson but the legendary Rock. How do I know that? Because the guy last week had a set of balls. Dwayne Johnson is all talk and no action. Rock, you've made things interesting. But remember, you can't see me."MATCH 3: SHEAMUS VS KANEThis match was a battle between two big men. The match was even with both men getting a good amount of offense in.Towards the end of the match, Kane had the advantage. He knocked Sheamus down with a big boot before climbing to the top rope. Kane connects with the diving clothesline.The big red monster sets up for the chokeslam. He grabs Sheamus round the throat. He lifts the Great White up but Sheamus escapes.The Celtic Warrior takes Kane down with the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus begins setting up for the Brogue kick.Before he can connect, World Heavyweight champion Christian slides in the ring and takes Sheamus down with a spear.WINNER by DQ: Sheamus (Time of contest - 13:42)Christian sees Sheamus stirring. As Sheamus gets to his feet, Christian hits the Celtic Warrior round the skull with the World title belt.MATCH 4: PRIMO (w/Epico) VS EZEKIEL JACKSONFor the second straight week Ezekiel Jackson defeats one half of the World Tag Team champions. This week it was Primo that suffered the defeat.Ezekiel is dominating when Epico climbs on the apron. Ezekiel spots him and knocks him off.As his back is turned, Primo goes for the backstabber. Ezekiel manages to hold on to the ropes which sends Primo flying backwards.When Primo gets to his feet, Ezekiel takes him down with three body slams followed by the torture rack. Primo taps out.WINNER: Ezekiel Jackson (Time of contest - 10:04)After the match, Epico attempts to hit the backstabber on Ezekiel. The big man holds on to the ropes again. When Epico gets back to his feet, Ezekiel knocks him down with a huge clothesline.BACKSTAGEMichael Cole has Drew McIntyre, Alberto Del Rio and Christian in his office.Cole: "OK guys here's the deal. Instead of competing in a three on one handicap match against The Big Show tonight, you will face The Big Show in a gauntlet match."Christian: "Wait a minute. You want us all to face The Big Show separately? I thought you wanted us all to team together to teach him a lesson."Cole: "I've changed my mind. I suggest you all get ready."McIntyre, Del Rio and Christian all leave Cole's office furious.MATCH 5: KOFI KINGSTON VS EVAN BOURNE - MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFYING MATCHIn a face paced contest, there is a surprise ending.Kofi Kingston begins to dominate after an even start to the match. He hits the boom drop and sets up for Trouble in Paradise. Bourne ducks it and takes Kingston down with a series of kicks. He then hits Kingston with the diving double knee drop for a near fall.Bourne climbs to the top rope and goes for Air Bourne. Kingston rolls out of the way. Bourne manages to land on his feet.When Bourne turns round, Kingston hits the SOS. 1, 2, kick out.Kingston can't believe Bourne kicked out. The crowd are really in to the match as Kingston argues with the ref.Kingston sees Bourne stirring and realises he needs to focus. He goes for Trouble in Paradise. Bourne stops him with a hard roundhouse kick to the face.Bourne climbs to the top rope and hits Air Bourne. 1, 2, 3.WINNER: Evan Bourne (Time of contest - 14:37)The crowd go crazy as Bourne celebrates qualifying for WrestleMania.Bourne extends his hand to Kingston after the match. Kngston looks at it and looks at the crowd who urge him to shake Bourne's hand. It looks like Kingston is going to shake hands with Bourne but at the last minute decides against it and leaves the ring to a chorus of boos.Bourne stands in the ring shocked at Kingston's actions.BACKSTAGEThe Big Show is waiting to be interviewed by Jack Korpela.Korpela: "Show, tonight you will face three men in three separate one on one matches. I have been informed you will face all three participants regardless who wins. What is your strategy going to be? Is it to beat every man as soon as possible or life to fight another day?"Big Show: "Look at me. What do you think I'm going to do? I'm a 500 pound giant. I'm going to go out there and beat all three men as bad as the last one. That includes the World Heavyweight champion Christian. Then that will prove I deserve the first World title shot after WrestleMania, not John Cena."Korpela: "Good luck Show."Big Show: "Thanks Jack."IN RING SEGMENTDolph Ziggler is in the ring with Vickie Guerrero.Ziggler: "For those of you that are wondering, Cody Rhodes isn't here. He had some business to take care of elsewhere so understandably didn't want to be in Cleveland tonight."The crowd boos Ziggler loudly."But just because Cody isn't here, It doesn't mean I'm going to leave Triple H alone. I know you're listening Triple H. I want you to come out here right now. I have something to say."Triple H enters the ring.HHH: "What do you want Ziggler? What's so important you have to say to my face?"Ziggler: "I want to tell you exactly how I feel about you without Cody by my side to show you and the entire world I'm not afraid of you. I respect everything you've done in this business. Really I do. You're the game. A 13 time World champion. But lets face it. The only reason I don't have any of those accomplishments by my name is because I'm NOT sleeping with the boss' daughter. How much would you have really achieved without sleeping your way in to the McMahon family? Face it Triple H. Everthing you've accomplished will always be tarnished. No one knows whether you would be half as successful if you stayed with Chyna."But when I become the biggest star in the WWE it won't be tarnished. It will be because I am perfection."HHH: "If you're trying to piss me off, congratulations. But if you want to talk about tarnished accomplishments, lets talk about your only World title reign. If it wasn't for this poor excuse of a woman (pointing at Vickie Guerrero) your name wouldn't be in the former World champions list. In fact you're lucky you're name is still on the active roster. But that's only because I want to kick your ass at WrestleMania. Who knows. Maybe your name won't be on the active roster after WrestleMania. On second thought, why wait until WrestleMania?"Triple H drops his mic and begins attacking Ziggler. HHH dominates Ziggler and plants a huge spinebuster on the former World champion.HHH signals for the pedigree but Vickie Guerrero steps in the way. She attempts to flirt with Triple H. The game is having none of it. He laughs in her face before signalling the DX chop.Vickie screams. Triple H puts Vickie in position for the pedigree.Before he can hit the move, Cody Rhodes attacks Triple H from behind. He came through the crowd. Dolph Ziggler recovers and both men attack Triple H.Ziggler hits the Zig Zag before Rhodes grabs a chair. He hits Cross Rhodes on the chair.Rhodes and Ziggler stand over a motionless Triple H.MATCH 6: THE BIG SHOW VS DREW McINTYRE, ALBERTO DEL RIO & CHRISTIAN - GAUNTLET MATCHThe Big Show waits for his first oppenent. It's Alberto Del Rio.The match is largely dominated by The Big Show although Del Rio is able to get in a good amount of offense.Del Rio works on the arm of Big Show. When Show goes for a chokeslam, Del Rio reverses it by chopping the injured arm of Big Show. He then hits the double knee armbreaker. 1, 2, Show kicks out.Del Rio furiously argues with the referee.As he turns round The Big Show knocks him out with the WMD for the win.WINNER of Match 1: The Big Show (Time of contest - 08:24)Big Show doesn't get a lot of time to rest as his next oppenent, Drew McIntyre, enters the ring.The Scotsman immediately goes after The Big Show, largely working on his injured arm.McIntyre continues to work on the arm throughout the match although Big Show is able to fight off McIntyre on a number of occasions.Towards the end of the match, The Big Show grabs McIntyre round the throat, setting up for the chokeslam. McIntyre fights out of it before taking Show down to the knees with a dropkick to the leg.McIntyre sets up for the future shock DDT. Before he can hit it, Big Show hits a massive chop to McIntyre's chest. He follows it up with a WMD attempt. However, McIntyre ducks it and low blows Show, causing a disqualification.WINNER of Match 2 by DQ: The Big Show (Time of contest - 08:41)As The Big Show is writhing in pain, out comes his third and final oppenent, the World Heavyweight champion Christian.The ref waits for Show to get to his feet before ringing the bell. As soon as he does, Christian goes for a spear. Big Show stops him by grabbing his throat. He lifts the World champion up for the chokeslam but Christian slithers out.Christian then kicks the back of Big Show's knees, knocking the giant down. When The Big Show makes it back to his feet, Christian goes for the spear again, this time hitting it. 1, 2, 3.WINNER of Match 3: Christian (Time of contest - 01:21)As the World Heavyweight champion Christian celebrates, Sheamus' music hits.The Celtic Warrior runs down to the ring. Christian slides out and runs up the ramp. Sheamus chases after him.The camera switches to The Big Show using the ropes to help himself up. Suddenly, Kane's music plays.The big red monster gets in the ring and smashes The Big Show round the skull with a lead pipe before exiting the ring.MAIN SEGMENTThe Rock enters the ring.Rock: "Finally, The Rock has come back to Cleveland. Wow, I can feel the electricity in this place. I can feel you're all excited and you have every reason to be because The Rock has finally began teaching John Cena a valuable lesson. Let me show you what I mean."A clip of The Rock hitting Cena with the Rock Bottome last week is shown on the titantron."That still makes me smile. Although I don't need to, I'm going to explain why I attacked Cena last week. Believe it or not, it wasn't because I don't like Cena, even though I don't like him. It wasn't even because I'm facing him at WrestleMania. I'll be kicking his ass that night anyway."The reason why The Rock laid the SmackDown on your candy ass John, was to show you that The Rock never left. For the past few weeks John Cena has been running his mouth saying The Rock's gone and Dwayne Johnson has took his place. Cena, I maybe Dwayne Johnson in Hollywood, but this isn't Hollywood. This is the WWE. And in the WWE, The Rock kicks asses."But you see John, I don't care what you think of me. It doesn't matter what you think. But it does matter what they think, (pointing to the crowd). Last week was just a taster of what's in store for WrestleMania. If you smell, what The Rock is cooking."The Rock plays to the crowd for a couple of minutes before John Cena comes from under the ring. When Rock turns round, Cena hits the AA.John Cena exits up the ramp.The show ends with Cena at the top of the ramp and The Rock down on the mat staring Cena down.