Welcome to this SmackDown exclusive pay per view; No Mercy.

Lets get the show started.

  • Dolph Ziggler defeated Bray Wyatt (with The Wyatt Family) (Time of contest - 09:32) The Wyatt Family attempt to interfere early in the match but the referee sees them. He sends them backstage. It's left one on one. Ziggler wins a hard fought match with the Zig Zag.
  • Backstage Segment: Seth Rollins wishes Kaitlyn luck in her match with Rosa Mendes next. Kaitlyn returns the luck to Rollins for his US title match later. The two embrace before Kaitlyn leaves for her match.
  • Kaitlyn defeated Rosa Mendes (Time of contest - 05:06) Neither of the divas boyfriends are at ringside as they have a huge match against one another later. Kaitlyn defeats Rosa with a Spear.
  • Backstage Interview: Mark Henry tells Renee Young he proved on Friday night he does deserve the World Heavyweight title match. Dolph Ziggler interrupts. He says Henry showed he can beat the World Champion but that doesn't mean he deserves to main event the PPV. Ziggler says IF Henry becomes champion tonight, he wants a shot at the title. Henry says he's not sure Ziggler deserves the shot before walking off. Ziggler is left furious.
  • Cruiserweight Champion Tyson Kidd & Adrian Neville defeated The Usos (Time of contest - 07:37) Adrian Neville gains the winning pin fall on Jey Uso after connecting with the Red Arrow.
  • Backstage Interview: Christian (with Big E Langston) tells Renee Young that John Cena is no longer the face of the company. Now, there is eight faces of the company; the entire group of Law & Order.
  • The Big Show & Kofi Kingston defeated The Wyatt Family (c) (with Bray Wyatt) to win the WWE Tag Team Championship (Time of contest - 08:14) The match ends when Luke Harper has the better of Kofi Kingston. As Harper begins taunting the crowd, he takes his eyes off Kingston, who tags in Big Show. When Harper turns round, Big Show knocks him out with the WMD. Erick Rowan runs in to the ring but he is taken down by Trouble in Paradise from Kingston. Big Show covers Harper for the win. We have new WWE Tag Team Champions. Bray Wyatt is left shocked at ringside.
  • Backstage Segment: Seth Rollins congratulates Kaitlyn on her win. She gives him a kiss good luck. She ends the segment by saying "Bring the title home".
  • Seth Rollins defeated Cody Rhodes (c) to win the United States Championship (Time of contest - 14:28) This match is an epic contest between two young superstars. The action is back and forth throughout. As the contest nears its climax, Rhodes goes for the Beautiful Disaster Kick. Rollins manages to catch Rhodes with Avada Kedavra in mid air. The crowd pops big for the move. Rollins covers Rhodes for the 1, 2, 3.
  • After the match, Seth Rollins is celebrating winning the US title. Kaitlyn runs to the ring to celebrate with her boyfriend. The two embrace in the ring as Rollins holds up his newly won championship.
  • Vignette airs promoting the debut of Los Matadores next
  • Los Matadores (with El Torito) defeated Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal (Time of contest - 06:48) Diego pins Mahal for the win after Los Matadores hit the double wrist-lock Samoan drop.
  • Ringside: The commentators, Josh Mathews and Brad Maddox, hype the return of Mr Money in the Bank Dean Ambrose this coming Friday on SmackDown in a non wrestling capacity.
  • John Cena defeated Christian (with Big E Langston) (Time of contest - 16:45) Big E Langston interferes on a couple of occasions during the match. At one point, he climbs on the apron, distracting Cena long enough for Christian to connect with a Spear. Cena somehow manages to kick out at two though. Later in the match, Cena lifts Christian up for the AA. Langston climbs on the apron once more. Christian using the distracting to reverse the AA in to a Killswitch attempt. However, Cena shoves Christian in to Langston, knocking the big man off the apron. Cena then hits the AA before applying the STF. Christian taps out.
  • Backstage Segment: Randy Orton is walking around the Law & Order dressing room furiously. Christian and Big E Langston enter the room. Orton tells them to sit down with the rest of the group. Orton begins shouting at every member. He says they have all let themselves down, him down and the group as a whole down. He says he will go out tonight and show them why he's the leader of the group.
  • Randy Orton (c) defeated Mark Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship (Time of contest - 12:17) Henry has the advantage on Orton for the majority of the match although Orton gets a fair amount of offense in. The match ends as Henry catches Orton in mid air as he goes for a diving cross body from the top rope. Henry goes for the Worlds Strongest Slam. Orton manages to slither out and connect with the RKO. 1, 2, 3. Orton saves Law & Order by retaining the World title.
  • The show ends with Randy Orton celebrating retaining the World Heavyweight Championship.


Here are the match results:

1. Dolph Ziggler defeated Bray Wyatt

2. Kaitlyn defeated Rosa Mendes

3. Cruiserweight Champion Tyson Kidd & Adrian Neville defeated The Usos

4. The Big Show & Kofi Kingston defeated The Wyatt Family (c) to win the WWE Tag Team Championship

5. Seth Rollins defeated Cody Rhodes (c) to win the United States Championship

6. Los Matadores defeated Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal

7. John Cena defeated Christian

8. Randy Orton (c) defeated Mark Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship