This is the first edition of My Fantasy Raw since the SummerSlam PPV. Lets get started.

  • In Ring Segment: Raw GM JBL introduces the new WWE Champions; Daniel Bryan. Bryan cuts a promo thanking all the people that believed in him when no one else did. Bryan goes on to say he will become the greatest WWE Champion ever. JBL takes offense to this. JBL punishes Bryan by putting him in a handicap match with Jack Swagger and Damien Sandow tonight.
  • Rey Mysterio defeated David Otunga (Time of contest - 04:37) Mysterio wins with the 619 followed by the West Coast Pop.
  • After the match, The Miz comes out and attacks Mysterio. Mysterio manages to turn the tables and sets Miz up for the 619. Miz just manages to escape.
  • Backstage Segment: Sheamus and Ryback talk about Fandango teaming with them last night. Ryback admits he was wrong. They get ready for their match.
  • Ryback & Sheamus defeated Hunico & Camacho (Time of contest - 05:19) Sheamus hits Hunico with a Brogue Kick which sends him in to the path of Ryback who hits Shell Shocked for the win.
  • Backstage Interview: Rob Van Dam reveals he has an Intercontinental title rematch next week.
  • In Ring Segment: Wade Barrett talks about losing the WWE title to Daniel Bryan last night. He says he will get his WWE Championship back. Kane interrupts and says Barrett is nothing compared to Daniel Bryan. JBL makes Barrett vs Kane next.
  • Wade Barrett defeated Kane (Time of contest - 13:05) In a back and forth match, Barrett defeats Kane after escaping the Chokeslam by poking Kane in the eye. Barrett then hits Kane with a big boot before connecting with Wasteland.
  • Backstage Segment: Kane is shown heading for the exit of the arena with his head down. Daniel Bryan approaches him. He asks him where he's going. Kane simply says he's "Lost his fire" before leaving the building. Daniel Bryan is speechless.
  • Backstage Interview: Damien Sandow and Jack Swagger tell Scott Stanford they will destroy the WWE Champion.
  • Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman) defeated R-Truth in a non title match (Time of contest - 07:25) Axel wins with the Perfect-Plex.
  • After the match, Paul Heyamn cuts a promo saying Curtis Axel will beat RVD again next week in the rematch. CM Punk runs down the ramp and goes after Axel and Heyman. Heyman quickly leaves the ring as Punk beats down Axel. Roman Reigns then enters and attacks Punk. Axel and Reigns double team Punk until RVD runs down. Heyman calls Reigns and Axel out of the ring. They leave before RVD can do anything.
  • Backstage Segment: JBL tells The Miz he faces Rey Mysterio next week.
  • Fandango (with Summer Rae) defeated Zack Ryder (with World Tag Team Champions The Money Makers & Divas Champion AJ Lee) by Disqualification (Time of contest - 06:51) Drew McIntyre and Ted DiBiase attack Fandango to end the match. Ryback and Sheamus help out Fandango dispose of The Money Makers.
  • Backstage Interview: CM Punk vows revenge on Paul Heyman and his guys.
  • Backstage Segment: The Money Makers enter JBL's office. Ted DiBiase complains to JBL about what just happened to them. He says JBL has lost control and has no idea what he's doing. JBL says next week, DiBiase and McIntyre defend their titles against Fandango and Ryback.
  • Damien Sandow & Jack Swagger defeated WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in a non title Handicap match (Time of contest - 10:01) Bryan holds his own throughout the match. As the match draws to a close, he goes for the running knee on Sandow. Sandow ducks just in time and Bryan runs in to a big boot from Swagger. Swagger then locks in the Ankle Lock as Sandow applies the Crossface. Bryan tries to fight out of it but with two guys applying submisson moves on him simultaneously, he has little choice but to eventually tap out.
  • After the match, GM JBL comes out to the top of the stage. He says both Sandow and Swagger have proved their worth tonight. Therefore, next weeks main event will be Daniel Bryan vs Damien Sandow vs Jack Swagger in a triple threat elimination match for the WWE Championship. Sandow and Swagger look at each other as JBL smiles on the stage.

Here are the match results:

1. Rey Mysterio defeated David Otunga

2. Ryback & Sheamus defeated Hunico & Camacho

3. Wade Barrett defeated Kane

4. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel defeated R-Truth in a non title match

5. Fandango defeated Zack Ryder by Disqualification

6. Damien Sandow & Jack Swagger defeated WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in a non title Handicap match