Here we go for another edition of My Fantasy SmackDown. As I'm slightly behind we will egt straight to the action.

  • In Ring Segment: The World Heavyweight Champion John Cena talks about beating Big E Langston last week to retain the World title. He goes on to talk about his match at SummerSlam against Randy Orton. Suddenly, MARK HENRY'S music hits. Henry makes a surprise appearance having quit Raw on Monday night. Henry said Booker T persuaded him to sign for SmackDown after quitting Raw by including a guaranteed World Heavyweight title match after SummerSlam in his contract. Law & Order interrupt. All members stand at the top of the crowd. Orton insults both men. SmackDown GM Booker T makes his way to the stage. He announces Big E Langston and Randy Orton vs Mark Henry and John Cena in a tag team match tonight.
  • Kofi Kingston defeated United States Champion Cody Rhodes (with Rosa Mendes) in a non title match (Time of contest - 07:36) Rhodes is distracted by the arrival of Seth Rollins walking down the ramp. When Rhodes turns round, Kingston hits him with Trouble in Paradise for the huge win.
  • After the match, Rollins enters the ring. He waits for Rhodes to get to his feet before hitting the Avada Kedavra. Rollins stands over Rhodes and tells him to stay away from Kaitlyn.
  • Backstage Interview: Cruiserweight Champion Christian tells Renee Young that Adrian Neville won't get lucky tonight like he did last week.
  • Backstage Segment: Mark Henry storms in to Booker T's office. Henry tells Booker he won't team with Cena tonight. Booker says Henry has no choice. Henry threatens to quit but Booker reminds Henry of the World title match he has coming his way. Henry goes face to face with Booker before storming out of the office.
  • Christian (c) defeated Adrian Neville to retain the Cruiserweight Championship (Time of contest - 08:27) Christian retains the CW title after connecting with the Killswitch. Neville put on a valiant display.
  • Backstage Segment: Cody Rhodes attacks Kofi Kingston from behind.
  • In Ring Segment: The Undertaker's music hits. It turns out it's DEAN AMBROSE. Ambrose comes out dressed as The Undertaker and mocks his signature entrance. This receives strong heat from the crowd. After Ambrose insults Taker, the Deadman comes out. The two fight in the ring. As Taker gets the upper hand, Ambrose low blows Undertaker. Ambrose follows it up by hitting the Chokeslam. Ambrose leaves The Undertaker lying in the ring.
  • Backstage Interview: John Cena tells Renee Young he isn't happy at having to team with Mark Henry tonight but he will do anything it takes to win.
  • Dolph Ziggler defeated Erick Rowan (with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper) by Disqualification (Time of contest - 06:05) As Ziggler sets up for the Zig Zag, Harper runs in to the ring and attacks Ziggler, causing the DQ. Rowan and Harper hold Ziggler up for Wyatt to attack. However, The Usos come to Ziggler's aid. Big E Langston and Cody Rhodes make their way to the ring through the crowd and give Law & Order the advantage again. Seth Rollins and The Big Show come out to even the odds. Law & Order are taken out of the ring.
  • Backstage Segment: Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins, The Big Show and The Usos are celebrating getting the better of Law & Order. Ziggler says it's time to end Law & Order. He says he has an idea before walking away. He leaves the others confused.
  • Backstage Segment: Mark Henry enters John Cena's locker room. He tells Cena he has his back in tonight's match but, as soon as the match is over, Cena needs to watch his own back.
  • Kaitlyn defeated Aksana (Time of contest - 04:12) Kaitlyn wins with the Spear.
  • Backstage Segment: We are shown Booker T telling Dolph Ziggler he likes his idea but they need to keep it quiet for now.
  • Antonio Cesaro defeated Brodus Clay (Time of contest - 04:40) Cesaro beats Clay with an impressive Neutralizer.
  • Backstage Interview: Adrian Neville talks about his loss to Christian earlier tonight. Tyson Kidd approaches him. He says he has been impressed with Neville. The two shake hands.
  • World Heavyweight Champion John Cena & Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton & Big E Langston by Disqualification (Time of contest - 10:24) The match ends when the rest of Law & Order run to the ring and attack Henry and Cena.
  • The show ends with Law & Order taking out John Cena and Mark Henry.

Here are the match results:

  1. Kofi Kingston defeated United States Champion Cody Rhodes in a non title match
  2. Christian (c) defeated Adrian Neville to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
  3. Dolph Ziggler defeated Erick Rowan by Disqualification
  4. Kaitlyn defeated Aksana
  5. Antonio Cesaro defeated Brodus Clay
  6. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena & Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton & Big E Langston by Disqualification

Here is the current SummerSlam card:

  1. John Cena (c) vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship
  2. The Undertaker vs Dean Ambrose
  3. Wade Barrett (c) vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship