Welcome to tonight's special 3 hour edition of My Fantasy WWE Monday night Raw. We have a great show in store for you on the road to WrestleMania.The Rock will appear live in Portland, Oregon to address the WWE universe and John Cena.Last week, Triple H was challenged by Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler to a tag team match at WrestleMania. Triple H will reveal his partner tonight.We also find out who is behind the mystery messages to The Undertaker. They will reveal themselves during the show.Let's roll on to this weeks show.OPENING SEGMENTGeneral manager Michael Cole is standing in the ring.Cole: "Tonight is a special 3 hour edition of Monday night Raw and what a show we have in store for you. As you already know, The Rock will appear live. The identity of Triple H's tag partner at WrestleMania is revealed as well as the person behind the mystery messages to The Undertaker."But that's not all. There will be two WrestleMania rewind matches. The Big Show will face John Cena while Kane will go one on one with The Undertaker. Are you excited? Well there's more. Sheamus will also be in action tonight. His opponent will be picked by the World Heavyweight champion Christian."John Cena interrupts.Cena: "Wow what a show. It's about time you did something right Cole."Cole: "What are you doing here Cena?"Cena: "As you mentioned earlier, finally The Rock is here. And I want him to come to this ring right now."Cole: "John, I have some bad news for you. The Rock WILL be here tonight. Unfortunately, he's not here right now. He's on his way. If you want to have it out with him, you'll have to wait until later. But you can stay here as your match with The Big Show is now."Cole leaves the ring as The Big Show makes his way to the ring.MATCH 1: JOHN CENA VS THE BIG SHOWThis match is a WrestleMania XX rematch. Big Show dominates the most of the match but Cena gets a considerable amount of offense in himself.Cena begins to fight back with a series of hard right hands to the gut of Show. Cena follows it up by attempting his two running shoulder tackles. Neither of them take Big Show down.Knowing he needs to do more to take Show down, Cena climbs to the top rope. He goes for a diving crossbody but is caught by Big Show. The giant superstar throws Cena over his head.The Big Show sets up for the WMD. He goes for the knockout punch. Cena manages to duck and chops the back of Big Show's right leg, sending the big man to his knees. Cena plants a DDT on Big Show for a two count.Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle. However, he's stopped when Show grabs Cena round the throat. Show gets to his feet, still holding the throat of Cena. Show goes for the chokeslam but Cena escapes. Cena grabs Show from behind and rams him in to the corner where the ref is. The referee is squashed in the corner.Cena goes for a running clothesline but Show grabs Cena round the throat again. This time, he hits the chokeslam. He covers Cena but the ref's still out.As Show goes over to the ref to revive him, the lights go out and an explosion occurs at the top of the ramp and from all four corners of the ring.The Big Show steps out of the ring, waiting for Kane. The big red monster doesn't enter though. Show gets back in the ring. When he does, Cena lifts him up on to his shoulders and hits the AA. He covers Big Show. A referee runs down to the ring. 1, 2, kick out.Cena can't believe it. He argues with the new ref for a bit before realising he needs to stay on Big Show. He applies the STF on a weakened Show who has no option but to tap.WINNER: John Cena (Time of contest - 18:42)John Cena celebrates the huge win on the road to WrestleMania.MATCH 2: BETH PHEONIX (w/Natalya) VS LAYLAThe Womens champion dominates the majority of the match. Beth begins to taunt Layla. She lifts her up for a suplex. Layla manages to roll through. 1, 2, kick out.The near fall angers Beth who knocks Layal back down immediately with a hard clothesline. Beth then hits the GlamSlam. 1, 2, 3.WINNER: Beth Pheonix (Time of contest - 07:26)Beth can be heard saying to Layla, "You think you can beat me? Think again bitch."Beth tells Natalya to apply the sharpshooter, which she does.Trish Stratus and Kelly Kelly run down to the ring. Beth and Natalya slowly make their way up the ramp. Beth and Natalya smile on their way up the ramp as Trish and Kelly look on.GM's OFFICEDrew McIntyre enters Michael Cole's office.McIntyre: "I'm sorry to barge in Cole but I have a serious concern."Cole: "What is it Drew?"McIntyre: "I'm not yet on the WrestleMania card. I sincerely hope you intend to rectify that."Cole: "Don't worry Drew, I do have plans for you. The money in the bank ladder match will return to WrestleMania. It will feature four Raw and four SmackDown superstars. Tonight, you will be in the first qualifying match. That match is next."Drew McIntyre looks unsure as he leaves the office.MATCH 3: EZEKIEL JACKSON VS DREW McINTYRE - MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFYING MATCHThe match is farely even throughout. Ezekiel has the advantage coming towards the end of the match.Ezekiel goes for a suplex. McIntyre escapes and takes Ezekiel's legs out from behind. The Scotsman followed it up with a big boot for a two count.McIntyre waits for Ezekiel to get to his feet. When he does, McIntyre goes for another big boot. This time Ezekiel stops him by hitting a huge spinebuster. 1, 2, kick out.Jackson can't believe it. He picks McIntyre up for a scoop powerslam. McIntyre rakes the eyes of Jackson, stopping the powerslam attempt. McIntyre follows it up with the Future Shock DDT for the victory.WINNER: Drew McIntyre (Time of contest - 13:51)MATCH 4: SHEAMUS VS ???As Sheamus is in the ring, World Heavyweight champion Christian makes his way down the ramp.Christian: "Tonight Sheamus, you will be facing a champion, just like you will be at WrestleMania. Your opponent tonight is one half of the World Tag Team champions, Primo.Primo makes his way to the ring with Epico by his side. Christian joins the commentary table.Sheamus dominates the beginning of the match but a distraction from Epico allows Primo to gain control.Primo has Sheamus in a sleeper hold. Sheamus manages to fight out of it with elbow shots to the gut of Primo. The Irishman follows it up by taking Primo down with two clotheslines and the battering ram.The Celtic Warrior pounds his chest, signalling for the Brogue kick. When Primo makes it to his feet, Sheamus connects. 1, 2, 3.WINNER: Sheamus (Time of contest - 11:35)While Sheamus is celebrating, Epico enters the ring. He goes for the backstabber but Sheamus holds on to the top rope, sending Epico to the ground. Sheamus then hits the Brogue kick on Epico.As this is going on, Christian leaves the commentary table and slides in to the ring. When Sheamus turns round, Christian hits him with a spear.Christian grabs his World title and leaves the ring.CAR PARKA limo pulls up in the car park. The Rock emerges from the back of the limo to a massive ovation. He makes his way backstage.IN RING SEGMENTTriple H makes his way to the ring.HHH: "I promised to reveal my tag team partner at WrestleMania tonight and that's exactly why I'm out here. There has been loads of speculation but that all ends right now."This man is, as I said last week, currently retired from competing in the ring. He's a former tag team partner of mine and I've held the WWE Tag Team titles with him. Have you guessed who yet? Well this clue may help. He's from..."Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler interrupt.Rhodes: "Just stop this nonsense Triple H. We all know who your partner is. It's Shawn Michaels. It's obvious. But I never thought Shawn would go back on his word. Not after everything he has said."Ziggler: "When Michaels retired, he said that was it. He would never return to the ring he kept saying. What a load of crap. Shawn Michaels is no different than everyone else that says they're leaving. He's a liar."HHH: "OK that's enough. If you must know, my partner is from Texas, like Shawn. But it's not Shawn Michaels. He is a man of his word."Rhodes: "Well if it's not Shawn, who is it?"Glass shatters. It's STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.Stone Cold receives a massive ovation as he makes his way to the ring. He stands next to Triple H, staring down Ziggler and Rhodes.Ziggler and Rhodes are shocked. They look at each other and back out of the ring. They still can't believe it as they back up the ramp.Triple H and Stone Cold go nose to nose before shaking hands. Stone Cold sticks his middle fingers up at Rhodes and Ziggler as Triple H gives them the crotch chop.MATCH 5: RICHIE STEAMBOAT (C) VS ALBERTO DEL RIO (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) - INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCHThe match between Richie Steamboat and Alberto Del Rio was back and forth. Both superstars got good amounts of offense in.Del Rio gained the clear advantage over 10 minutes in to the match when he dropkicked the leg of Steamboat before hitting a DDT for a near fall.Del Rio then worked on the left arm of Steamboat. When the IC champion was in the corner, Del Rio hits a stup up enzuigiri to the arm. Del Rio continued to injure the arm by continuously stomping away on it, as well as applying numerous submission moves.Steamboat managed to reverse the momentum when he moved out of the way when Del Rio attempted a running splash in the corner. Steamboat then took Del Rio down with a dropkick.Both men are down and the ref begins the count. Both men get to their feet at eight. They exchange right hands until Steamboat ducks one of Del Rio's attempts. He goes for a running clothesline but Del Rio stops him with a belly to belly suplex.Steamboat uses the ropes to help him to his feet. Del Rio hits the double knee armbreaker. He covers. 1, 2, Steamboat grabs the bottom rope.Del Rio begins to argue with the ref, as well does Ricardo Rodriguez on the outside. When Steamboat gets to his feet, Del Rio goes for the cross armbreaker. Steamboat reverses it in to a roll up. 1, 2, 3.WINNER: Still Intercontinental Champion Richie Steamboat (Time of contest - 15:36)Del Rio is furious in the ring as Ricardo Rodriguez joins him. Rodriguez taps Del Rio on the back. Del Rio pushes Rodriguez's arm away before getting in his face. He then slaps Rodriguez. Del Rio leaves the ring as Rodriguez is left stunned in the ring.BACKSTAGE INTERVIEWKorpela: "Right now, I am being joined by the number one contender to the World Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania, Sheamus. Earlier tonight you beat one half of the WWE Tag Team champions Primo before you were speared by Christian. What are your plans for revenge?"Sheamus: "Simple. I'm going to take the World Heavyweight championship away from him at WrestleMania."GM Michael Cole shows up.Cole: "You will get the chance to exact some revenge before then Sheamus. Earlier Christian picked your opponent. Next week, you pick Christian's opponent."Sheamus: "I can pick anyone?"Cole: "Anyone on the Raw roster, yes."Sheamus: "Very interesting."MATCH 6: THE UNDERTAKER VS KANEThe two brothers face off in a back and forth battle. Kane has a vicious streak, as he's shown in the past few weeks in his attacks on The Big Show.Kane has The Undertaker in the corner. Kane charges at him but Taker moves out of the way. Undertaker then takes Kane down with a running big boot for a two count.The Undertaker begins to take control. He hits Old School before setting up for the chokeslam. He grabs Kane round the throat. Kane also grabs Taker round the throat. Neither seem like they're going to budge.Kane kicks the knee of Taker and chokeslams his brother. 1, 2, Undertaker kicks out. Kane screams in frustration.He signals for the tombstone piledriver. He lifts Undertaker up. Taker reverses it and sets up for a tombstone of his own. Kane manages to escape and hits a big boot.The Big Show's music hits and the giant comes down to the ring. Kane gets out of the ring. Both men brawl all the way up the ramp. The match ends in a disqualification.WINNER by DQ: Kane (Time of contest - 15:04)The Undertaker is left in the ring. Suddenly, the lights go out and a message shows on the titantron.'The last chapter: The end of The Undertaker.' A video of The Undertaker's career shows ending in the words, 'WrestleMania XXVIII.'There's a slight pause before fireworks come from the stage.'Break the walls down'. It's CHRIS JERICHO.Chris Jericho makes his signature entrance. He makes his way down to the ring to the delight of the crowd. When he gets in the ring the audience begin chanting 'Y2J, Y2J'.Jericho and The Undertaker go face to face. Jericho points up at the WrestleMania sign. Taker looks over his shoulder at the sign before turning his attention back to Jericho.Jericho then mocks The Undertaker by slicing his finger across his own throat, The Undertaker's signature taunt.The men face off for about another minute. Jericho then backs off slightly and turns around. He does his signature taunt when he puts his arms out. He looks over his shoulder. The Undertaker does nothing and Jericho simply smiles before leaving the ring.Jericho walks up the ramp, not looking back at all.IN RING SEGMENTThe Rock makes his way to the ring. The crowd go wild for The Rock.Rock: "Finally, The Rock has come to Portland. And tonight is the night I show John Cena a taster of what's going to happen at WrestleMania. So Cena, get your fruity pebble ass down here right now."John Cena makes his way to the ring.Cena: "Well Rock, here I am. Why don't you show me what's going to happen at WrestleMania. But before you do, let me say something. Listen to these fans. Come on everyone, let's here it for The Rock."The crowd go wild.Cena: "Listen to them Dwayne. They love you. But that doesn't matter to you does it. The people don't matter to you. Let's face it, while you're here tonight, you won't be next week. Or the week after. In fact, we probably won't see you again until WrestleMania."Rock: "That's enough. How dare you say I don't care about the people. The people, these people are everything to The Rock. The WWE is everything to The Rock. You, John Cena, don't know what it's like to have the people's support. You see, I used to be like you Cena. These fans booed me when I first arrived in the WWE. Why? Because I was being forced down their throats. They were sick of me. So what did I do? I changed my attitude. Now look at the reaction I get. You could do the same but you won't because you're too stubborn. The only person you care about is yourself."Cena: "Whoa. Hold on a minute. The Rock is saying I only care about myself. Wow. Let me give you a reality check Dwayne. You're the one that only cares about yourself. If you really cared about these people, you would not leave. No matter how much money you were offered to go to Hollywood. If you were a true WWE fanatic, you would still be here now. There's no doubt you can still go. If you really cared. But as I said before, you don't care."Rock: "You have no idea how much I care about the WWE."Cena: "You're right. I don't. Just like no one does. Why don't you show us how much you care? Show up more than five times a year. Oh wait, you can't do that. You have your acting career to look after."Rock: "Right, I've had enough. I've listened to you for way too long now. You want to see more of The Rock? Well you will be seeing a lot more of me on the road to WrestleMania. When will you next see The Rock? That's for me to know and you to find out when The Rock lays the Smackdown on your candy ass. If you smell, what The Rock is cooking."Cena and The Rock go face to face as the show ends.