This week's Fantasy Raw has some special matches in store for you. The main event will see the Chairman of the board, Vince McMahon team up with John Cena to take on the World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes and a partner of his choosing.

The Let's Get Ready to Rumble tournament also continues tonight with three matches.

  • Rey Mysterio defeated Ted DiBiase by Disqualification in the Let's Get Ready to Rumble tournament. As a result, Mysterio picks up 3 points while DiBiase loses 3 points. The DQ occured when DiBiase refused to answer the referee's five count as he was attacking Rey in the corner. (Time of contest - 05:26) After the match, DiBiase continues the assault by hitting Dream Street. Then, Cody Rhodes enters the ring. He asks DiBiase to be his partner tonight in a Legacy reunion. DiBiase refuses, saying he's had enough of being in Rhodes' shadow.
  • Backstage Interview with John Cena. He says no matter who Rhodes picks as a partner, he will beat him tonight and at Survivor Series to become World Champion.
  • Christian & Chris Jericho defeated The World's Greatest Tag Team to qualify for Team Raw at Survivor Series when Christian pinned Charlie Haas after hitting the Killswitch. (Time of contest - 08:42)
  • Backstage Segment: World Champion Cody Rhodes confronts Ryback and asks him to be his partner tonight. Armando Estrada says Ryback works alone and is after what Rhodes currently holds, the World Heavyweight title. Rhodes backs away worried.
  • David Otunga & Ryback (with Armando Estrada) defeated Primo & Epico when Ryback pinned Primo after Shell Shocked. (Time of contest - 02:15) After the match, Ryback hits Shell Shocked on Epico and his partner David Otunga.
  • Backstage Segment: Vince McMahon and John Cena agree they haven't always gotten along but they are both after Cody Rhodes tonight.
  • Randy Orton defeated Heath Slater to qualify for Team Raw at Survivor Series after the RKO. (Time of contest - 01:03) After the match, Cody Rhodes attempted to get Orton to team with him tonight. Orton declines before stating the World title will be his at the Royal Rumble.
  • Dean Ambrose defeated Richie Steamboat (with Trish Stratus) in the Let's Get Ready to Rumble tournament to pick up 5 points. The victory occurs after a distraction from Drew McIntyre. He argues with Trish on the outside. Steamboat is paying attention to the argument which causes Ambrose to roll up Steamboat for the win. (Time of contest - 05:47)
  • Backstage Interview with Randy Orton. The Viper says it's great to be able to kick SmackDown's ass at Survivor Series. GM Michael Cole congratulates Orton and says it's great he's on Team Raw. They shake hands.
  • Backstage Segment: Cody Rhodes asks Kane and The Undertaker if either one of them would be his tag partner. Neither man speaks. Instead, they stare Rhodes down so much that Rhodes decides to leave before being made to leave.
  • Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger to pick up 5 points in the Let's Get Ready to Rumble tournament with Trouble in Paradise. (Time of contest - 06:20)
  • In Ring Segment: John Cena and Mr McMahon wait to see if Cody Rhodes has a partner. Rhodes makes his way down the ramp alone with a disappointed expression on his face which indicates he has no partner. Then, Drew McIntyre's music plays. Mr. Money in the Bank offers himself as Rhodes' partner.
  • World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre defeated John Cena & Vince McMahon when Rhodes pins McMahon after connecting with the Beautiful Disaster kick and Cross Rhodes. (Time of contest - 10:26)
  • After the match, McIntyre attacks Rhodes from behind with the Money in the Bank briefcase. McIntyre hands the case to the referee, signalling he's going to cash in the contract. However, before the bell rings, John Cena hits McIntyre with the AA. As a result, McIntyre still holds the MITB briefcase. The show ends with Cena standing tall in the ring.