With the biggest event of the summer taking place tomorrow night, I thought I would give my predictions on how SummerSlam will unfold.

Please feel free to comment on my predictions and/or share your own predictions.

WWE Championship match: John Cena (c) vs Daniel Bryan - MY PREDICTION: DANIEL BRYAN TO WIN - This rivalry has done something I didn't feel was possible; make me interested in John Cena. I'm not a Cena fan but his promos with Bryan has been some of his best work, especially the confrontation this past Monday on Raw. This match is sure to be great which is why I'm annoyed at the addition of Triple H as guest referee. I wish the McMahon/HHH feud would be left out of this rivalry. Another wildcard in this match is Randy Orton. The WWE have definitely been teasing Orton cashing in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank briefcase. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure whether he will or not. It certainly wouldn't be a surprise if he did nor would it be if he didn't. If Orton was to cash in, I would only expect it to be on Daniel Bryan.

'The Best' CM Punk vs 'The Beast' Brock Lesnar - MY PREDICTION: BROCK LESNAR - It would be good to see CM Punk beat Lesnar after a pretty bad PPV record for Punk in 2013. In fact, Punk probably needs the win. However, I don't see it happening. I expect Brock Lesnar to win this match, giving him momentum for a feud with The Rock at next years WrestleMania.

World Heavyweight Champion match: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Christian - MY PREDICTION: ALBERTO DEL RIO TO RETAIN - Christian has been on a roll as of late. Since the Money in the Bank PPV he has defeated Damien Sandow twice, won a triple threat #1 contenders match against Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam and defeated the World Champion Alberto Del Rio twice. However, he has won all of those matches by a roll up pinfall. While that doesn't matter too much, it looks pretty obvious Christian's good run is coming to an end at SummerSlam. Del Rio will definitely retain.

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow - MY PREDICTION: DAMIEN SANDOW - This match is a tough one to call. The reason I have gone for Sandow is because he needs the win more at this moment in time. He is Mr Money in the Bank but has been on a terrible run since winning the briefcase. If the WWE are serious about pushing Sandow and they see him as a future World Heavyweight Champion, he needs a big win and this will get his push started. As for Rhodes, I like him and I hope the WWE don't bury him after this feud. Hopefully they continue to give him meaningful feuds.

Ring of Fire match: Kane vs Bray Wyatt - MY PREDICTION: BRAY WYATT - The Wyatt Family have created a huge buzz since arriving on the main roster. The WWE need to keep pushing the popular Wyatt's. In order to do so, Bray Wyatt has to beat Kane.

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs Big E Langston & AJ Lee - MY PREDICTION: DOLPH ZIGGLER & KAITLYN - Ziggler and Kaitlyn have to win this match for their careers to go forward. Since losing the Divas title to AJ, Kaitlyn has played second fiddle to her. It's time she gets some revenge. Dolph Ziggler needs the win even more though. He was on top of the world after becoming World Heavyweight Champion the night after WrestleMania. Since then though his career as gone backwards again. He suffered a concussion, lost the World title and lost to Big E Langston in singles action a couple of weeks back. Ziggler needs to be on the winning team and I would say needs to score the winning pinfall.

United States Championship match: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Rob Van Dam - MY PREDICTION: DEAN AMBROSE - How this match is on the Kickoff show and the divas match I will talk about next is on the main show, I just don't know. These two will no doubt have a great match if given enough time. At this stage, Ambrose needs the win more than RVD. RVD is a great performer but beating Ambrose doesn't do anything for him. A win for Ambrose over a veteran like RVD would be massive for his career. With RVD pinning Ambrose on SmackDown, I don't see him doing it again. I expect Mark Henry and The Big Show to get involved with the other Shield members, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns during the match.

Natalya vs Brie Bella - MY PREDICTION: NATALYA - I'm not bothered about this match to be completely honest with you. I think Natalya will win though.

There are my predictions. Please feel free to leave any comments and predictions below.