Chris Jericho

There have been some rumblings in recent weeks in regards to a possible Chris Jericho return to the WWE. On May 7, the Wrestling Observer reported that WWE officials had contacted the 43-year-old about returning to the ring, but he could not commit due to his non-stop schedule. That same week, Jericho spoke to the British newspaper, The Mirror, about his ongoing relationship with WWE where he said that even though a return by him isn't imminent, it may be on the cards: "I have a good relationship with the WWE and there's no animosity, but it's not like we're calling each other every day finding out what we had for dinner that night."

When asked directly about a return to the squared circle, Jericho said, "No time soon, I left last July and I've been working pretty much non-stop since then between Fozzy tours and doing the new Fozzy record and writing another book and doing my podcasts and a web series. There are a lot of projects in the Chris Jericho pantheon as always. That's not to say that I won't go back but I have no plans as of right now, just because I have so much other stuff going on that I'm enjoying. We'll see, there's no controversy or animosity it's more of a timing thing; the timing has to be right for me and right for the WWE as well. When it is I'm sure we'll both consider me coming back.”