When we think of what is real in life, what is it that comes to mind? Smiles from a happy child or maybe watching your favorite team overcome all odds to win the big game.

The one thing that we do know is real is emotion.

In every major sport, it is emotion that drives it to succeed. You can look at every major moment in sports history; it was the fans' emotions that made it special. If you take away the passion surrounding that moment, there is nothing there to see.

So when I hear people insult wrestling and use the argument that it’s not real, I get annoyed. While it’s no secret that the outcome is determined and that the matches are choreographed, it doesn’t change the fact that in wrestling the passion and emotions are very real.

The fans of pro wrestling are some of the most passionate around the world. We continue to watch and cheer for it, even though we may be scorned for it.

I remember watching the PPV where Owen Hart fell to his death. I was devastated, along with the millions of others that saw it happen. It was a combination of sadness and rage as they continued the PPV that night.

I also remember when Chris Jericho won the WWE championship against Triple H. The whole wrestling community went nuts. Only to be enraged a few minutes later when the decision was reversed.

Was that not a real moment?

In pro wrestling there are magical moments just like any other sport. Just because the outcome is pre-determined it doesn’t make any less legit. So it is a bit naive to insult wrestling, when the emotions in the fans are the same as any “real” sport.

Pro wrestling has been around for over a hundred years. It is just as “Americana” as apple pie and baseball. It should be treated with the same respect and admiration as any other sport.

Whether the sports world chooses to recognize it or not, people like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are just as big as Ruth, Montana, or Gretzky.  They all have woven a patch in the giant rug know as U.S. sports.

Wrestling has the right to claim its greatness and it shouldn’t be treated with shame or indignity. It is only treated that way because of the ignorance of the so called sportswriters.

I can’t help feel that wrestling will never receive the respect it truly deserves. Still as a wrestling fan, I will hold my head high and continue to support my “fake” sport. I will also continue to defend it no matter how bad it appears to be.

Maybe the criticism wrestling takes is part of what makes it so special.