WWE Superstar Randy Orton recently chatted with IGN.com to promote his new movie, "12 Rounds: Reloaded."  Naturally, wrestling came up in conversation, and he had quite a bit to say about Curtis Axel and Bray Wyatt.

On Curtis Axel:

"I think there's been a lot of pressure on Joe just being the son of 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig. I mean, how can there not be a lot of pressure? No disrespect to my father, but Mr. Perfect was around a little more and maybe had more of a following. So people might be more aware of who his father was and because of that I think he has a lot more to live up to.

"And that whole 'Michael McGillicutty' thing? That was just career suicide. But he made it through that. And I think anyone who can make it through having a name like 'McGillicutty' for however many years he had it is a survivor. The fact that he made it through shows you that the kid's got some staying power. And now with Paul Heyman in his back pocket? He's golden. Give him a couple weeks, a couple months, and he'll make a big impact."

On Bray Wyatt's impending debut:

"I'm used to calling him 'Husky,' but Bray's vignettes are awesome. And the other two guys down there in FCW, who are part of his team, are talented. That little group there looks great. I have no idea what we're in for but those vignettes have everyone's heads turning backstage. And wrestling is in Bray's blood."

On his role in "12 Rounds: Reloaded" and how he's different from John Cena:

"Look at him. He looks like a He-Man. Put Randy Orton into the EMT outfit however and he can be an Average Joe. (laughs)."

On his acting ability:

"These scenes are all high stakes and so all the actors have to turn it up a notch. The challenging part for me was that, aside from maybe one scene, the whole movie was high stakes. So I had to be careful not to yell too much, or use the same mannerisms too much. And I'm not an actor.

"I had about 20 hours of acting coaching crammed into the week before I flew up to Vancouver to star in this low-budget action movie. But I'm happy with my performance. Could it be better? Yeah, it could be better. I ain't gonna win no Oscars. But if you go into it knowing what it is, you'll be entertained. And if you're a wrestling fan, you'll be entertained."