Howdy everyone!  It’s Drew here with another episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling.  Last week was a clip show, and with the holidays coming to close, I chose to skip the episode.  But, we’re back!

We are in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.  Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly are ringside. Our main event, for Final Battle, is Jay Briscoe, Michael Elgin, and Adam Cole, all facing off for the Ring of Honor World Championship!

But first...

Silas Young vs. Mark Briscoe in a Strap Match

The streamers are flying for both men.  Remember, the winner must touch all four top turnbuckles to pick up the win here.  They are tied up and the bell rings.  It’s a tug of war, but then they get in each other’s face.  Mark gets the better of the exchange.  Silas suckers him in.  Silas ends up on the outside of the ring, and Mark uses the strap to pull him into the apron, then starts choking him out.  Briscoe rams his head into the barricade, but Silas uses the strap to yank Briscoe into the barricade himself.  

Back in the ring, Silas chokes Mark out.  He hits two corners, and the count is broken with a exploder suplex.  Mark chokes Young out as we cut to break.

Mark hits some redneck kung fu after the break.  He taps two corners, but Young cuts him off before the third corner.  Silas starts whipping Mark with the strap.  Ouch.  Briscoe gets some energy and fights back.  Silas hits a DDT from the apron to the floor.  

He rolls Mark back into the ring, ties him around the legs and starts going for the turnbuckles.  Young makes it to two, and Mark fights back.  Silas beats him down.  Hits three.  Mark fights back.  Briscoe unloads with some redneck kung fu.  Death Valley Driver and Briscoe goes up top.  Up top, and Briscoe his a frogsplash elbow.  

Briscoe goes for the turnbuckles and hits three, but Young ducks out of the ring.  He pulls Mark over and gauges the eyes.  He whips Briscoe off the apron onto the floor.  

Silas loads Briscoe up on his shoulders and starts hitting the corners. Briscoe taps each corner immediately after Silas does.  At the fourth corner, Briscoe goes for a sunset flip, but Silas is able to hop to the corner and get the win.

Winner: Silas Young

Pretty good match.  I haven’t seen a strap match in ages.  Very enjoyable.  

We get a video highlight leading up to the triple threat match in our main event.  Steve Corino is at the announcer’s table now. 

Michael Elgin vs. Jay Briscoe vs. Adam Cole (c) for the Ring of Honor World Championship

Briscoe comes out to the ring holding his version of the World Title.  Streamers everywhere.  We go to a brief break.  When we return, Cole is outside the ring.  Elgin and Briscoe invite him back in.

Briscoe and Elgin get started.  They lock up and Cole tries to sneak back in, but Elgin chases him off the apron.  Lock up again, and Briscoe cuts him off.  Briscoe and Elgin trade shoulder blocks.  Cole grabs Elgin’s leg and pulls him out.  Some fast work by Cole avoiding conflict in the ring.  

Briscoe goes after Elgin but makes a sudden dive to Adam Cole outside the ring.  He throws Cole in and finally Adam Cole is in the mix proper.  Elgin and Briscoe take turns attacking.  

Cole outside, Briscoe hits a boot to the face.  Both Elgin and Briscoe continue to attack.  They take turns throwing him into the barricade.

It’s kind of crazy here.  Elgin brings Cole up for a suplex and hold him.  Briscoe just chills outside the ring.  The fans count up to 60 before Elgin drops him.  Pretty amazing.  Briscoe attacks before the pin.  Cole is tied up in the tree of woe.  Elgin hits an enzuigiri on Briscoe, then German Suplexes him into Cole as we go to break.

We’re back, and Elgin uses Adam Cole to leg drop Briscoe.  He locks in a Boston Crab on Cole but stretches a Camel Clutch on Briscoe.  Very cool spot.  He breaks the hold for some strange reason instead of leaving it locked in.  Short lariats to Cole.  Some nice three-way action here. 

All three men trade elbows to the head.  Cole up top.  Boot to the head.  Briscoe sets up a super-plex, but Elgin joins in the fun and all three are laid out.  We cut to our last break.  

Cole leaps off the top to hit his jumping Destroyer, but it turns into a powerbomb courtesy of Elgin.  I can’t keep up with the rapid fire moves here.  Some really fun stuff.

Action spills outside and all hell breaks loose.  Tables.  Chairs.  Oh my.  Briscoe and Elgin hit a double choke-slam to Cole, through a table.  They head back into the ring to settle their differences as Cole lies outside.

Elgin asks for Briscoe to hit him.  He obliges.  Back and forth.  Briscoe countered a Buckle Bomb.  Elgin heads up top for a moonsault and misses.  Briscoe sets Elgin up for a Jay Driller.  Elgin flips him over and gets a two-count.  Nice jawbreaker from Elgin.  He hits the amazing deadlift German suplex for a two-count.

Out on the apron, Elgin and Briscoe fight and fall through the announcer’s table.  Cole sneaks into the ring and orders the referee to count.  Both Elgin and Briscoe struggle to get to their feet.  Cole stops the count, and distracts the ref.  Matt Hardy runs out and hits Briscoe with a Twist of Fate!  He goes to do the same to Elgin, but Elgin counters and sends Hardy into the barricade.

Cole tries for a Twist of Fate to Elgin inside the ring, but only gets a two count.  He locks in a choke hold.  Elgin gets to his feet.  Hardy on the apron, Mark Briscoe out to even the odds.  The Briscoe Brothers are teaming up against Hardy.  Cole goes for the Panama City Destroyer.  Elgin counters and uses a powerbomb to toss Cole outside the ring.  Elgin runs the ropes and dives out onto everyone.  Elgin is the only one on his feet.

Jay sits out of a Buckle Bomb attempt.  He nails Elgin with a Jay Driller in the middle of the ring, but Elgin kicks out at the last second.  

Back in the ring, Cole sneaks in and hits a superkick to the back of Elgin’s head.  He nails Jay in the face with one, then rolls Elgin up (and grabs the tights) to get the victory.

Winner: Adam Cole to retail the Ring of Honor World Championship

Hardy helps Cole celebrate in the ring.  The two work together to lay out Elgin and both Briscoes.  Elgin stops Cole from hitting him with the belt, but Hardy makes the save.  The two celebrate, then music plays… it’s Chris Hero!  Hero sneaks in the ring behind both men and hits Cole with the KO elbow!  He slips on the elbow pad and does the same to Hardy!  The fans are going crazy.  This is giving me chills!  Hero celebrates on the turnbuckles as the show ends.

This was a blockbuster main event from beginning to end.  Nice pacing.  Once again, ROH put the emphasis on the title and gave the match time to breathe.

I suspect the match may have been slightly longer but with commercials.  Aside from that, the crowd was into every bit of the action.  It was non-stop with a slow build, nice psychology, and the return of Chris Hero to Ring of Honor was truly a chill-worthy moment.

If you’re a wrestling fan and not sure on the product, check this episode out.  This is what makes Ring of Honor special.

Thanks for joining me again this week, folks!