We are back in Nashville, TN this week.  Prince Nana, Steve Carino, and Kevin Kelly welcome us to the show!  Let's get started, shall we?

Andrew Everett vs. The Romantic Touch in a Top Prospect Match

Both men are new to me.  The Romantic Touch comes out wearing a luchador mask, a suit jacket, and carrying a rose.  He’s really working the gimmick.  Touch gets the early advantage, but Everett is a high flyer and he uses his speed to get the advantage.  Everett is full of high spots and we see about five within the first minute.

Romantic Touch hits a nice springboard elbow to get some momentum.   He launches Everett out of the corner for a 2-count.  

The UPS guy just rang the doorbell, so I missed a few moves.  Sorry.  I need my K-Cups!  It’s still going back and forth.  Veda Scott comes out to the announcer’s table and interrupts.  She’s cutting about Rhett Titus coming back to ROH.  The Romantic Touch starts staring her down.  She seems to think he is actually Rhett.  Touch blows a kiss to the audience before going for a suplex, but ends up getting rolled up.  Andrew Everett picks up the win.

Winner: Andrew Everett

A short promo video about Eddie Edwards leaving Ring of Honor.  Edwards talks about BJ Whitmer’s career being cut short, but Whitmer pulls a fast one and attacks him, with Roderick Strong.  Jimmy Jacobs comes out as well - all three men in the ring join up and call themselves The Decade.

Back from the break, Jay Briscoe is coming out to the ring, interrupting another Top Prospect match.  He’s got an offer on the table for Adam Cole, but never got an answer.  He says he wants Cole to leave his belt at home and fight for the real ROH Championship.  He calls Cole out.  

Cole comes through the curtain.  He tells Briscoe he is not the real World Champion.  Adam Cole is.  He calls his belt a toy, a prop.  He convinced the audience that he’s the real champ, but Cole says he won’t care about anything anyone says ever again, except Matt Hardy.  Cole steps into the ring.  He says he will let Briscoe know next week if he’ll face him for the title.  

It’s another Top Prospect match!

Cheeseburger vs. Hanson

Hanson strikes me as a Mike Knox look-alike.  The fans are chanting for Cheeseburger, and he ducks out of the ring immediately.  Hanson uses strength to bring Cheeseburger down.

Cheeseburger tries to slip under Hanson’s legs, but Hanson hits an impressive suplex from the ground all the way up and over.  Cheeseburger is using his speed and short stature to get by, but it’s not enough.  Hanson practically takes his head off with a spin heel kick and takes the win.

Winner: Hanson

Terrible name for both men, but a fun match.  Both look impressive.  Cheeseburger was bleeding, by the way.

Another teaser for AJ Styles’ return to Ring of Honor.  Two more weeks… I can’t wait!

Adam Page vs.  Mark Briscoe

The men shake hands, but before the match could even begin, The Decade walks out to the ring.  Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong, and BJ Whitmer just walk right into the ring.  Briscoe gets in their faces.

Jacobs apologizes for interrupting, but says they’ve been in the company for ten years so they can do what they want.  He puts over The Briscoes and says they’ve been there since day one.  He’s trying to get Mark to join them.  He says Adam Page is just using the company as a stepping stone and slaps him.  All hell breaks loose.  Briscoe and Page start fighting The Decade and they clear out as we go to break.

During break, Veda Scott cuts a promo about R.D. Evans and his undefeated streak.  She issues a challenge to anyone to face him, next week.

Back from break, this match is now a tag match.

Mark Briscoe & Adam Page vs The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer w/ Roderick Strong)

For the record, I’m really glad Whitmer is ok to wrestle and he’s back in the ring.  I hope, sincerely, he’s not risking his health.

It’s a pretty back and forth match.  Page makes the hot tag, bringing Briscoe in.  Briscoe unloads some redneck kung fu on BJ Whitmer.  Mark unloads on Jacobs on the apron.  Page takes out Whitmer on the floor.  Briscoe hits a running elbow off the apron onto Whitmer, a la Cactus Jack.  Briscoe sets Page up, tags him in, and Page is like wildfire.  He takes out Jacobs, pins Whitmer for a two-count.  Page goes up top, but Jacobs yanks out the leg.  WHitmer hits an Exploder Suplex from the top rope.  Briscoe barely breaks up the count.  

Jacobs attacks Briscoe.  Briscoe fends them both off.  Page is still legal man.  Page gets a near fall but Whitmer takes him out with a clothesline.  He gets Page up for a nice two-man finisher and The Decade gets the win.

Winner: The Decade

A pretty intense match.  Page is impressive, and I like what I see.  Of course, the other three men in the match have resumes that speak for themselves, and this was more of the same.  Good match.

Kevin Steen cuts a pre-taped promo about Cliff Compton’s attack last week.

Another vignette about Tomasso Ciampa’s Television Title win at Final Battle.   Jay Lethal is at ringside for this match.

Silas Young vs. Tomasso Ciampa (c) for the Ring of Honor Television Championship

Before the match begins, Matt Taven steps in and grabs a mic.  He’s flying solo tonight.  He talks about being the longest reigning TV Champ in Ring of Honor history.  He extends a hand to Ciampa, saying he never got to do that at Final Battle, but Silas Young cuts in and attacks Taven.  Interesting.

The bell rings, and Silas Young uses some quickness to get the advantage on Ciampa.  Back in the ring, Young and Ciama trade side headlock takedowns.  Ciampa tosses Young into the barricade and hits a running knee to the face.  He goes corner to corner.  He gets Silas into the third corner, but Silas takes off, grabbing the strap.  

Ciampa drags him back to the ring, but Young crotches Ciampa on the ropes when the ref isn’t looking and gets the advantage.  After a short break, Young is still in charge.  Some really nice back and forth action.  Ciampa tries to go for a submission hold, but Young gets the rope.  

Young’s leg trips up and Ciampa takes advantage.  Near fall.  Young hits a rolling senton and sets up for a springboard moonsault, and hits it, but it’s only a two count.  Silas grabs his leather strap and goes to hit Ciampa with it.  The ref stops him.  Ciampa gets another rollup for a near fall.  

Ciampa gets a near fall, but Young almost takes his head off.  Young sets Ciampa up for another rolling senton, but Ciampa holds on this time, and locks in the Sicilian Stretch for the win.

Winner:  Tomasso Ciampa to retain the Television Title

Young grabs the strap after the match.  Lethal stops him.  Taven runs back in and assists.   Lethal, Taven and Ciampa stand in the ring and stare each other down.  He raises the title in their faces as the show comes to an end.

Excellent match to close out the show.  Ciampa’s style is being refined more and more, and things I didn’t care for the first few times I saw him, they seem to be fading away.  Silas Young has really impressed me these past few weeks though, and I like him more and more each time I see him wrestle.  These two worked well together.

Overall a solid show, as expected.  I’m not thrilled with the Top Prospect matches, but they have a purpose.  Everything else seems like a natural progression.

Join me next week for another episode of Ring of Honor action!