Hey everyone!  Thanks for joining me for another episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling, featuring what promises to be an awesome 3-Way Elimination Tag Match featuring Adam Cole & Matt Hardy vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Chris Hero & Michael Elgin!  Let’s jump right into the action here, shall we?

We are in Pittsburgh, PA this evening.  Steve Carino and Kevin Kelly at ringside.

The Romantic Touch vs. Michael Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis)

Before the Bell:  Veda Scott walks out to the table to join in on commentary as The Romantic Touch hits the ring.  He woos the ladies at ringside with roses.  Veda is convinced it’s Rhett Titus under the mask.  Bennett and Maria come out to the ring hand in hand.  Maria grabs the mic and cuts a promo on Romantic Touch.  She tells him he degrades women.  She says people think women don’t have power in wrestling, but really it’s just the wrong women that have power.  She’s gonna take the power.  She puts over Bennett as having power because she taught him his new finishing move.  Bennett grabs the mic and says he’s better than the best, and he’s gonna take all the power he wants.

The Match:  Romantic touch uses sexuality to try to get into the head of Bennett.  He’s swinging his hips and grinding.  It’s a combination of Rick Rude and Val Venis.  Not long until RT is outside the ring trying to woo Maria, but Bennett uses the distraction and gets the advantage.  Bennett misses a Bronco Buster in the corner and gets caught up on the ropes, and Bennett’s face meets the turnbuckle a few times.  RT tries to do a Ring of Honor spot to the outside, but Bennett uses Maria as a shield and he calls it off.  Bennett gets the advantage.  Near fall in the ring.  RT gets a near fall, but Maria hops up on the apron and starts working what her momma gave her.  RT is smitten and grabs his box of chocolates.  She smashes them in his face.  Bennett locks in the Anaconda Vice and gets the submission victory.

After the Bell: Maria and Bennett celebrate by enjoying floor candy.  Romantic Touch recovers and enjoys some chocolates as well.  The referee does not.  Romantic Touch heads outside the ring, sniffs Veda Scott’s hair and tries to sweep her off her feet.  She’s not having it.

What Worked:   Good opening contest with some back and forth action.  Bennett is solid.  Romantic Touch is as well.

What Didn’t:  Bennett’s tights are terrible.  Zebra print?  Ugh.  

The Summary:  Good opening match that illustrates that Bennett is willing to use Maria to get the win, but she’s completely on the same page here.  

Looks like this is a two-match show this evening.  

Michael Elgin & Chris Hero vs. The Briscoe Brothers vs. Adam Cole & Matt Hardy in a Tag Team Elimination Match

Before the Bell:  Elgin and Hero are first to the ring.  Briscoes next.  Our ROH Champ and Hardy are last.  No shenanigans.  There are streamers everywhere.  Bobby Cruise jumps on the apron before announcing the participants.  There’s now an added stipulation - If anyone pins or submits Adam Cole specifically, they get a Ring of Honor title shot.  Hero is excited.  Elgin stares him down.  Good to see them on the same page.

The Match:  Elgin and Jay Briscoe start things off.  They both tease a tag to Cole or Hardy, and both men bail off the apron.  Mark Briscoe is in.  Elgin tags in Hero.  Slow build.  Hero works over Mark’s arm, and in the corner Hardy and Cole duck off the apron again.  No tag for you!  This becomes a common theme during the match.  Hero and Mark stop in the middle of their attacks and decide to team up against Hardy and Cole.  Jay Briscoe and Michael Elgin flank from the sides.  Hardy and Cole have no choice.  Hardy and Hero in the ring.  There’s frequent tags and Hardy is isolated.  This is the kind of tag action Ring of Honor is known for.  Adam Cole is in the ring finally.  Action picks up.  Hardy works the crowd from the apron.  

Mark Briscoe gets the hot tag and unloads some Redneck Kung Fu.  Hero gets a tag and it’s pretty intense.  We return from break to have Hero back on the apron and Mark Briscoe is against Michael Elgin.  Crazy spot with Elgin carrying both Briscoes and hitting an IMPRESSIVE back body drop on both. Cole sneaks in a tag.  Mark Briscoe got a near fall on Cole.  All hell breaks loose.  Matt Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Mark Briscoe.  The Briscoes are eliminated.  

They walk to the back but Jay Briscoe attacks Adam Cole out of nowhere.  Security has to step in.

Some really good action with only two teams here.  Cole and Elgin are the highlight.  Hero makes a blind tag and Hero kicks the taste out of Cole’s mouth, but no luck on the pin.  Hero sets up for KO Elbow to the back of the head and gets the pin on Adam Cole to secure a future title shot.

After the Bell:  Matt Hardy jumps into the ring and attacks Chris Hero.  Michael Elgin Deadlifts Hardy off of Hero and gets a German Suplex.  Cole attacks.  Elgin catches the leg, and Hero slips on the Golden Elbow Pad.  He nails Cole in the face.  Hero celebrates, but Elgin isn’t pleased.  Straps down, but they shake hands as the show comes to a close.

What Worked:  I like that the title shot stipulation was added in.  Definitely added some tension.  Smart heel tactics from Hardy and Cole.  

What Didn’t:  They could’ve added the stipulation prior to the match and really sold that.  Otherwise, really no complaints.

The Summary:  A very good elimination style match.  Elgin comes off seeming slighted by the loss, but Hero gets in the title picture immediately.  Jay Briscoe is still around, too, which I like.  Lots of possibilities for Adam Cole to face.  Keeps things fresh.

Overall, a good show.  Worth seeing if you want an hour of solid professional wrestling.  

Thanks for following along with me again, folks.  Hope to see you all next week!