Hey everyone!  Drew Koscelek here, ready for another week of hard-hitting Ring of Honor action!  Our main event tonight is “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, facing off against one half of the ROH Tag Team Champions, Kyle O’Reilly!

We open with a recap of last week’s main event before we kick in.  Kevin Kelly and Steve Carino on commentary, and we are in Pittsburgh, PA.  Roderick Strong joins in on commentary for the next match: Andrew Everett vs. Cedric Alexander!

Andrew Everett vs. Cedric Alexander

Before the Bell:  Everett comes out first, Alexander second.  Both men flip into the ring in some form or fashion.  This will be a high-flying match.  They shake hands and the bell rings.

The Match: Everett works a headlock to start out.  Some nice reversals and matwork from both men.  Naturally it’s not long before the backflips become part of the equation.  Action spills outside.  Cedric hits a few chops to the chest.  There’s a commercial mid-match.  Afterwards, Alexander launches Everett up for an impressive back-body drop.  Alexander nails Everett with an enzuigiri.  Everett sends Alexander outside the ring and hits a crazy springboard shooting star press to the outside.  Looked gorgeous.  Everett hit a nice Hurricarana that Alexander sold like a DDT.  Alexander catches another Hurricarana attempt and hits a nice move for a near fall.  Action really heats up and the fans chant “This is wrestling.”  Can’t argue there.  Alexander goes up top and hits 10 headbuts to Everett.  He goes up for a superplex but Everett fights out.  Everett launches himself and hits a spinning 450 something that really doesn’t hit Alexander (the replay shows Alexander bringing up his knees). Alexander hits The Lumbar Check and we have a winner.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the Bell:  Amongst the streamers, the fans chant “That was awesome.”  Again, hard to argue.  Very good match.  They shake hands.

What Worked:  These guys have great chemistry and similar working styles that really blend well.  Better pacing of the high spots than we typically see in Ring of Honor.  Very good match.

What Didn’t:  There was an awkward arm drag takedown that looked sloppy.  I think it was just the nature of the move, honestly, but it looked weird.  Otherwise, no complaints.

The Summary:  A very good high-flying match that did not abuse high spots.  Good pacing, worth watching.

We get a recap of “The Night the Hoopla Died,” then it’s time for our Main Event!

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Kevin Steen

Before the Bell:   O’Reilly is out first.  Bobby Fish is in Japan, so O’Reilly is flying solo.  Kevin Steen comes out next.  By god there are a lot of streamers.  Handshake, and the mouthguard goes in.  We’re on.

The Match:  O’Reilly gets a waist lock, so Steen grabs the rope.  O’Reilly gets a wristlock, so Steen grabs the rope.  He plays up the fans.  Another wristlock, but O’Reilly pulls Steen from the ropes each time.  Steen rolls through, impressively hits a kippup, then a dropkick.  It’s absurd a guy his size can do that.  Some good matwork.  O’Reilly rolls Steen through then slaps him in the face.  Steen returns the favor, a bit more violently.  Outside the ring the action picks up.  Steen sets O’Reilly up for a powerbomb through the announcers table, but Kyle grabs the rope and pulls himself onto the apron.  We go to break after a near fall.  Back in the ring and we’re back and forth.  Steen elbows O’Reilly in the face.  O’Reilly hits a shoulder breaker, gets a one-count.  Steen sends O’Reilly outside, but he lands on his feet, drags Steen outside and sends him shoulder into the post.  O’Reilly gets cut short and Steen powerbombs him onto the apron, which should be more devastating, in my opinion.  Steen hits a senton from the top but it’s only a two-count.  O’Reilly locks in a guillotine choke.  Steen hits a rolling cannonball in the corner.  Steen selling his shoulder still.  O’Reilly reverses into an armbar and Steen barely grabs the ropes.  O’Reilly goes for a superplex up top.  Steen bites hiim and hits his own top rope move.  One more break, but we pick up where we left off.  Steen grabs O’Reilly’s mouthpiece and puts it in, taunting him.  He goes to attack but O’Reilly hits his armbar again.  Steen barely makes it to the rope to break the hold.  O’Reilly realizes Steen has his mouthguard.  He unloads into Steen.  Steen spits out the guard at him, hits a powerbomb, then a package piledriver.  O’Reilly barely gets his leg on the rope.  Cliff Compton shows up outside the ring, and Steen starts jawing with him.  O’Reilly hits a running dropkick from the apron, and then rolls Steen back into the ring.  Near fall, back into the armbreaker.  Steen barely gets out, then locks in a Sharpshooter of his own.  O’Reilly taps out and Steen gets the win.

Winner:  Kevin Steen

After the Bell:  Cliff Compton tosses a bunch of used streamers at the ring.  He starts to hop the barricade.  Steen grabs a mic and calls Compton out to the ring.  Compton obliges, and security tries to hold him back.  He knocks down security and rips a fan’s sign.  For some reason, Steen attacks one of the referees, and he and Compton start going at it.  Security gets involved, but apparently these twenty or so men are incapable of stopping this.  Steen sends Compton out of the ring.  He launches him into the barricade.  He grabs a table and positions it.  Compton hits a few low blows and puts Steen on the table.  Compton goes up top and hits a splash through the table.  

What Worked:  Good match, nice action and work.  Both men are quality wrestlers.  

What Didn’t:  Moves that send wrestlers onto the apron should be more impactful, I feel.  Nitpicking, really.  I also think the wrong guy won here.  People complain about John Cena winning everything, but I think Kevin Steen is very much that guy as well.  For the amount of interference and work done to the shoulder, Steen basically no-sold it at the end.

The Summary:  A good match, but the psychology is something that baffles me.  Not crazy about the fight at the end for some of the same reasons.

Next week’s main event is AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal.  Can’t wait!  Thanks for joining.  Watch the show?  Let me know what you thought in the comments below!